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Fairmont Hotel Riyadh’s initiatives empower women in leadership

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Fairmont Hotel Riyadh showcases a strong presence of women in its leadership team, highlighting its dedication to diversity and fostering an inclusive and empowering workplace environment.

Female leaders at the hotel play pivotal roles in steering strategic initiatives, elevating guest experiences, and cultivating a culture of excellence. Their diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise significantly contribute to the ongoing success and innovative spirit of the property.

Stephanie Timsit, Director of Operations at Fairmont Hotel Riyadh, brings over a decade of luxury hospitality experience, specializing in pre-opening operations and project management. She excels in managing complex refurbishments and financial landscapes at prestigious properties worldwide. Stephanie leads daily operations at Fairmont Hotel Riyadh, focusing on enhancing guest experiences to exceptional standards of excellence through seamless departmental integration.

Maya Hoteit, Director of Sales and Marketing at Fairmont Hotel Riyadh, leverages 18+ years of Middle East hospitality experience. She excels in business development, strategic account management, and innovative marketing.  Maya is known for her expertise in public relations, exceptional customer service, and effective sales strategies. She also plays a key role in coaching team members and implementing innovative marketing campaigns to achieve property-wide goals.

Selma Kasdan, Director of Revenue Management at Fairmont Hotel Riyadh, brings extensive expertise from top properties in Turkey and Qatar. Renowned for revenue optimization and risk management, Selma drives substantial growth and profitability. She excels in rate management, booking strategies, and enhancing guest satisfaction through seamless departmental collaboration.

Lynn Mhanna, Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing at Fairmont Hotel Riyadh, is a seasoned luxury hotelier with over 15 years of experience. She excels in event management, revenue maximization, and business development, ensuring exceptional sales outcomes. Lynn also leads sustainability efforts, championing initiatives like waste management and energy conservation, and securing Green Globe certification for the hotel.

Dalal Al Rabah, Front Office Manager at Fairmont Hotel Riyadh, brings extensive experience from her successful tenure as Assistant Sales Manager and Event Sales Manager. She excels in ensuring exceptional guest service and efficiency in daily front-office operations. Dalal is known for fostering a positive work environment through team-building activities, enhancing team morale and unity within the hotel.

Martina Vlahovic, Housekeeping Executive at Fairmont Hotel Riyadh, brings extensive experience managing large teams at five-star properties. Her expertise ensures impeccable cleanliness standards and safety protocols. Martina’s international background enhances her approach to guest satisfaction, overseeing innovative strategies for efficiency and sustainability in housekeeping operations at the hotel.

“We are incredibly proud to have such a talented group of women leading our teams,” says General Manager for Fairmont Hotel Riyadh Rolf Lippuner. “Their expertise and fresh perspectives drive our success and elevate the guest experience daily. Their leadership gives us a competitive edge, setting a benchmark for excellence and inspiring the industry to value diverse leadership. Additionally, their success stories motivate others to break barriers and pursue their dreams.”

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