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Sisters-Turned-Co-Founders Raise $2.4M for Health Tech Startup To Improve Prenatal Care for Black Women

Startup Aster, co-founded by sisters Fifi Kara and Dr. Lailah Kara-Newton, aims to revolutionize maternal healthcare nationwide with innovative solutions

After securing $2.4 million in a pre-seed funding round, Aster, a startup co-founded by siblings Fifi Kara and Dr. Lailah Kara-Newton, is poised to revolutionize prenatal and postnatal care nationwide.

Established in 2023 and inspired by Dr. Kara-Newton’s personal encounter with undiagnosed preeclampsia during childbirth, Aster is a platform dedicated to delivering safe and straightforward maternal healthcare. Their mission revolves around ensuring clear communication, seamless access, and reliable clinical guidance, as outlined on their website. The company has already established partnerships with clinics across several states.

As per Axios, a key feature of the platform involves regular monitoring, including the collection of vital health metrics such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose levels, and urinalysis testing.

The recent funding round, spearheaded by Cake Ventures and with participation from Zeal Capital Partners (BBFI), Cornerstone, Octopus Ventures (FCF), Blueprint, Everywhere Ventures, and select angel investors, marks a significant milestone for the company.

Monique Woodard, founder of Cake Ventures, emphasized the importance of addressing the needs of marginalized groups in healthcare solutions. She expressed optimism about Aster’s focus on smaller, independent clinics, highlighting the potential for long-term impact on maternal and prenatal healthcare nationwide.

Initially focused on midwifery-led care, birth centers, and nurse practitioner-led care, Aster plans to broaden its scope to include OB/GYN providers in the coming months, as reported by Femtech Insider. The influx of new funds will facilitate Aster’s transition from its pilot phase to full-scale operations, enabling the recruitment of key operational personnel and ensuring nationwide accessibility.

With 30 clinics onboarded and plans to collaborate with over 100 providers, serving an estimated 20,000 patients by the end of 2024, Aster aims to make a substantial impact on maternal healthcare delivery.

In addition to enhancing communication tools for effective patient care, Aster’s app will introduce transcription services to facilitate record-keeping of conversations between patients and physicians. This feature aims to foster inclusivity and collaboration among new and expectant parents.

Focusing on cutting-edge technology for clinical administration management and practice expansion, Aster also extends crucial support to providers and patients in remote areas through telehealth and virtual communication features. The company is actively onboarding clinics in regions such as Alaska, Alabama, and Ohio, which have expressed interest in Aster’s upcoming beta program.

Ultimately, Aster’s primary goal is to ensure consistent and comprehensive care management for patients, reflecting their commitment to advancing maternal healthcare delivery nationwide.



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