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Saudi Aramco Invests USD 14 Million in Chinese pro-women health start-up Cispoly

Saudi Aramco will invest over 100 million yuan (US$14 million) in a Chinese women's health start-up, Cispoly, to reach global heights.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

China-based start-up, Cispoly has secured over 100 million yuan (US$14 million), from the Saudi Arabian energy giant Aramco through its new funding round led by Prosperity7 Ventures.

Aramco Ventures (subsidiary of Saudi Aramco), through its growth fund Prosperity7 Ventures (also known as P7), completed the Series B financing with the company’s early investor, Sunland Fund, whose participation was appreciated in the new fundraising round.

The Prosperity7 Ventures aims to support start-ups globally with its focus on the development of advanced technology and business models for a positive impact.

Executive managing director of P7, Aysar Tayeb, made a statement on Wednesday that “Cispoly’s remarkable achievements in early-stage disease detection exemplify the kind of impactful ventures we aim to champion at Prosperity7 Ventures.” 

Aysar Tayeb also noted that “We look forward to witness Cispoly’s continued success as they expand their global footprint and enhance women’s health on a broader scale.”

Cispoly is founded by Liu Pei, and is focused on the diagnosis of gynecological tumors. It develops specialising products in the early diagnosis of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and other gynaecological tumours focusing on women’s health.

The funds will be used in the initiatives of R&D, global expansion, with the ongoing research projects. It will also use the funds to facilitate product registrations.

The company has also launched multiple study and research projects across China. It plans to expand its presence into Southeast Asia and Europe through its collaboration with top medical institutions.

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