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Havas Expands B2B Reach with Acquisition of Ledger Bennett

Strategic merger enhances Havas's global presence and amplifies Ledger Bennett's innovative approach in the dynamic B2B marketing landscape

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Havas, a leading global communications network, has recently acquired Ledger Bennett, a renowned UK-based B2B marketing agency, to strengthen its presence and capabilities in the rapidly growing B2B sector, both domestically and internationally. The acquisition marks a strategic move by Havas to further diversify its service offerings and better support its clients’ evolving digital and data needs as they transition to more customer-centric approaches.

Under the new arrangement, Ledger Bennett will be rebranded as “Ledger Bennett, a Havas Company” and will become an integral part of Havas Media Network. The merger aims to leverage Ledger Bennett’s expertise in B2B marketing with Havas’s extensive resources and global reach to deliver innovative solutions and maximize customer lifetime value for clients.

About the acquisition, Yannick Bolloré, chairman and global CEO, Havas, said, “We are excited to welcome Andrea, the Ledger Bennett team and its impressive list of clients into our Havas family. Bringing together marketing, sales, customer and product teams under the goal of maximising customer lifetime value is going to be critical for the best brands in the next five years. Ledger Bennett brings a go-to-market solution to our Village that perfectly supports our One Havas strategy.”

Ledger Bennett, founded in 1985 by Nicholas Ledger, has established itself as a leading player in B2B marketing, with a strong focus on generating lifetime value and delivering seamless brand experiences. Led by CEO Andrea Glenn since 2022, Ledger Bennett has achieved remarkable growth and garnered industry recognition for its innovative approach and award-winning campaigns, including the “Mastering the Balance” campaign for GE Digital.

The acquisition comes amidst a broader trend of consolidation and strategic partnerships within the marketing industry, as agencies seek to enhance their capabilities and better serve the evolving needs of clients. Havas’s recent acquisitions, including Search Laboratory, additive+, and Expert Edge, reflect its commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and delivering value to clients across various sectors.

Ledger Bennett’s integration into Havas Media Network will create a dedicated B2B specialism within the organization, further strengthening its ability to meet the growing demand for B2B marketing services. The combined expertise of Ledger Bennett and Havas will enable clients to navigate the complexities of the B2B landscape more effectively and drive sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive environment. 

“When we started this process, we wanted to disrupt B2B marketing. Our conversations with Havas have been energising and there’s a palpable ambitious appetite to scale B2B within Havas Media Network and throughout Havas. That convinced us Havas would be a great place to accelerate our growth with a combined offering of progressive B2B capabilities from Ledger Bennett and B2C firepower from Havas,” Andrea Glenn, CEO, Ledger Bennett, a Havas company, added. Both Havas and Ledger Bennett are excited to work together to bring fresh ideas and innovation to B2B marketing.

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