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Unilever Philippines CEO Signals Long-Term Market Commitment

Unilever Philippines CEO, Fredy Ong signifies the company's unwavering dedication to the country's market growth and sustainability

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Unilever Philippines Aims to Surpass Economic Growth, Eyes Investments in Core Brands and People Development

In an interview in Taguig City, Unilever Philippines Chairman and CEO Fredy Ong said he was looking at over investing in the company core brands — covering beauty and wellness products — to drive growth.

“When I say growth, it has to be over index versus category growth, because that’s when you realize really, when you can help retailers grow their category business by over indexing your growth and of course, we have to over index our growth versus the GDP of the Philippines,” he said.

“Outpacing GDP, basically, basta it will always be above GDP so that we can say that we’re really adding value not only to the GDP of the Philippines but also to the business of our retail partners,” he added.

Amid technological advancements and the company’s approaching 100th year in the Philippines, Ong stressed the importance of future-proofing the company’s portfolio and enhancing employee capabilities. He emphasized the integration of sustainability principles into brand development and the need to equip the organization with digital, commercial, and marketing expertise.

“We have to make sure that we future-proof our portfolio, and when I say future-proof our portfolio, it is offering the best brand with the best possible benefits, but of course designed through sustainability. I think that’s very critical,” he said.

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“The second one is about developing people capability, especially with the advent of technology, right, we have to make sure that we develop an organization that’s best in digital, commercial, and marketing. Those are the two biggest priorities, if you ask me,” he added.

Ong’s appointment as Chairman and CEO highlights Unilever’s enduring commitment to the Philippine market. The company plans to leverage its strong presence and invest in automation and digitalization, including the establishment of a new factory in General Trias, Cavite.

“Unilever Philippines will be counted on globally as one of the countries that will deliver high growth. Our growth has always been above the [GDP]. That’s what I can commit to you,” Ong told reporters during a media roundtable at their headquarters in Taguig.

“What we intend to do is to invest heavily in our core brands. That’s the first thing that we plan to do,” he said, citing brands such as Sunsilk, Creamsilk and Knorr.

The Unilever executive added that they are also focusing on ensuring “brand superiority” and scaling innovation to drive growth.

Unilever has demonstrated strong performance in the Asia-Pacific-Africa region, with 2023 showing significant growth. The Philippines remains a key market for Unilever, with plans for responsible and rapid growth, supported by a workforce of over 15,000 employees.

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