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SOLUMAR, led by RENNIE POPCHEVA, envisions to reduce the emissions with innovative solutions for a sustainable world

The startup by Rennie Popcheva, SOLUMAR, provides innovative solutions to reduce emissions for a greener future.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

The UAE based startup run by RENNIE POPCHEVA, Solumar provides cost-efficient technologies to combat emissions and air pollutants.

Solumar provides a novel Exhaust gas filtering technology that reduces emissions by 92-99%, encompassing particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and greenhouse gases (GHGs). The technology is combined with a single compact unit and retrofittable to any emitting source irrespective of its size, type, and nominal airflow. It is mainly designed to reduce black carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, with innovative, cost-effective solutions for a greener future. 

The technology used in Solumar is inspired from aviation science with its leveraging concepts like turbulent air flows, fluid dynamics, water atomization, water declustering, as well as new low-energy plasma vortexes and boundary layer management. Their Engineering team combines diverse methods with a unique perspective to bring the solutions to life and serve the business needs and sustainability goals.

The founder of Solumar, Rennie Popcheva-Capri possesses an innovative and creative mind, combined with the experience of sales, marketing, trade marketing, project management, and business development in various companies. 

Rennie initially wanted to become a designer, but her mother’s background as a Biology teacher and her father’s profession as an Engineer made her choose a different career. As a result, she pursued a Bachelor in Economics at the University of Economics in Varna. She is an MBA graduate in Marketing, and EMBA in Sheffield University with a full-scholarship. Rennie worked more than 16 years in Global Corporations like P&G, Nestle, Danone as Marketing, Trade Marketing and Business Development Manager. Then she made a shift into ICT and technologies driven by her inner talent to be ahead of trends. – 

RENNIE started an online platform for Open Innovation – Embrioo.com. This unique platform fosters a unique model that develops 360 degree strategic ideas by the collaborative team for various brands, products, or services. These concepts are then sold to Companies to grow their business, revenue and profit. The Open Innovation platform has won many awards and accolades- The Special Prize Winner of the IBM accelerator at the Global competition for Innovation in the field of Creativity and Arts in Copenhagen (2013); Winner of the Innovation challenge by The University of Sheffield (2012), Featured on TEDx, Forbes in 2013, Won Forbes 2015 Best Startup Award.

RENNIE has gained a lot of experience in innovative ideas in her journey with Embriao.com. With all these experiences, she founded a Start-up – Solumar. Recently RENNIE’s Start-up, Solumar won the 4th Edition of the Sharjah Advanced Industry Accelerator (SAIA) by SRTIP. Solumar competed against nine other startups at the final Demo Day held at the SRTIP. The participants can be seen across various parts of the globe – Brazil, India, Italy, France, China, and UAE. 

Solumar’s innovation has been acknowledged for its ability to capture and leverage collected black carbon and CO2, allowing for the resale or reuse of valuable materials by reintegrating them into production processes. This aids industrial businesses, maritime enterprises, and oil and gas companies in cost-effectively aligning with the net-zero Agenda 2050. The solution transforms the gathered black carbon and CO2 into reusable carbon powder, which is marketed at $3000 per ton, thereby creating a consistent source of revenue for those adopting this innovative approach.

Rennie envisions Solumar to modernize the reduction of emissions with innovative, cost-effective solutions for a cleaner, sustainable world.

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