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Susana Alejandro appointed President at Saica Group

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Susana Alejandro has assumed the position of president at Saica Group, following Ramon Alejandro’s tenure of 14 years leading the company.

In her inaugural address to company stakeholders, Susana emphasized the historic significance of her appointment as the first woman from the founding families’ third generation to assume the top position at Saica.

Susana Alejandro said, “As family business, we have a clear long-term vision and, therefore, succession in presidency does not necessarily imply a change in strategy.” She added, “Our course variations are dictated only by the requirements of our customers and market fluctuations.”

Susana emphasized the urgent importance of addressing climate change, supporting the redesign of production and consumption methods, and reinforcing Saica’s dedication to advancing a circular economy.

she emphasized the significance of creating innovative tools to uphold the company’s strategic goals. Susana also addressed the company’s plans for investing in its plants and emphasized the importance of fostering and retaining talent.

Susana, born in Zaragoza, Spain in 1970, joined Saica in 1996 after graduating with a degree in business administration from the University of Zaragoza. Before Saica, she worked at Mars Group. She began her career at Saica in the Corrugated Cardboard division, managing operations in Iberia before progressing to oversee the entire segment. Since 2013, Susana has served as Saica’s Director of Strategy and Corporate Development.

Stepping into her new role, Susana brings extensive experience and a clear vision to steer Saica’s strategic direction, tackle future challenges, and foster the company’s growth and innovation.

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