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Nasscom Report indicates the rise of women leaders in India’s Start-up ecosystem

Gender inclusiveness and diversity is being redefined by entrepreneurs. As we all know Gender prejudices don’t seem to be as much of a barrier today.

According to a report published by Nasscom in collaboration with Zinnov, 18% of start-ups in India are led by at least one women founder or co- founder. The report further added, of these the number of unicorns and potential unicorns is about 36.

The report revealed, “The percentage share of women-founded start-ups across stages of growth is in line with their participation in the ecosystem – indicating equal odds of success compared to their male counterparts. Thus, providing evidence of the women’s intent and capability to play a role in the nation’s economic growth and the crucial need for accelerating DE&I initiatives.”. 

The Indian Government in order to boost more women labour participation and representation is significantly supporting by launching innovative initiatives. President Droupadi Murmu had also launched a platform called ‘herSTART’ for women entrepreneurs. The platformed was launched to last year to boost women entrepreneurs in India. The Indian Government also announced a monthly allowance for startups with Women as Founder or Co-Founder of ₹20,000 per month for a period of 1 year.

The Nasscom report further revealed, the percentage of startups established in emerging locations jumped from 34% in 2021 to 39% in 2022. India is playing a major and a dominant role in the global startup sector and is placed in the third spot. US ranks first followed by China in the second spot.

The report also indicates that the operational efficiency in the Indian startup has doubled due to implementation of innovative business strategies to sustain in the market and showing resilience rather than laying off employees or winding operations. Nearly 1,300 fresh startups have been added to the ecosystem. India has the second highest number of unicorns in the world.

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