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Women in the workplace: A look at the rise in female employment

It is the 21st century where steadily gender equality is becoming a prerequisite for sustainable development. Women’s complete and active participation in society and the economy multiplies the capacity of all for sustainable economic growth and social development.

Today many courageous women are out working for their families livelihood, inspirational women leading their nations, women entrepreneurs leading their businesses towards success.

Women today, is leading in every field and society whether it be education, sports, business, health, politics, army, agriculture, fashion, entertainment. Many young women are breaking barriers and creating new models of leadership.

Trends in Female Employment in the UK

In a research project conducted by our in house team, we asked hundreds of respondents in the UK to estimate what percentage of women employees work at their workplace. The average answer being about 50%. Female employment has risen through the decades in the UK.

The most recent statistics indicate that there were 15.66 million women in the UK aged 16 and over in employment in October to December 2022. The number of women in work was 108,000 more than the same period a year before but 1.7 million higher than the decade before.

The research also indicates that there has been an increase in the female employment in sectors such as education, construction, transportation. Public Administration and Defence, Retail, ICT. Women account for over three quarters of all jobs in the health and social work sector.

Women in the Workplace Statistics – Global

  • The latest statistics suggest that women account for 47.7% of the global workforce.
  • Canada has the highest female labour force participation rate at 61.3%.
  • Women managers and leaders account to about 28%.
  • Women occupying entry level jobs stand at about 46%.

Experts believe this upward trend will continue and will accelerate and the participation of women in the labor force will continue with a strong tendency to grow even further.

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