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GlobalSpace Technologies unveils a neuroscience-based Anti-Stress Wearable – GoRoga

Indians can tackle mental health issues with ‘GoRoga’ to improve their quality of life.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

GlobalSpace Technologies Limited reveals India’s first Anti-Stress wearable -GoRoga under the Make in India initiative. It is manufactured and patented as RogaLife in the USA, which is developed in collaboration with GlobalSpace Technologies Ltd.

Having over a decade of experience in the healthcare sector, GlobalSpace Technologies provides digital pharma solutions which are patient centric, convergent and digitally driven, empowering the next-gen technology, analytics and AI. The company has introduced anti- stress wearable, GoRoga, to uplift millions of Indians who are facing the problems relating to stress and anxiety. 

Mr. Krishna Singh, Founder and CEO – GlobalSpace Technologies, stated at the inaugural, “In collaboration with RogaLife, we are on a mission to uplift millions of Indians facing stress and anxiety. The commitment is fueled by the proven success of RogaLife in the USA, Canada, and South Asia”

Co-founder and CEO, RogaLife, USA, Mr. Ami Lebendiker stated, “GoRoga is an all-in-one solution for individuals, organizations, clinics, and wellness centers. Whether it is navigating stress in personal or professional life, or trying to improve sleep quality, or boosting employee wellness for peak productivity, GoRoga is the ultimate answer. 1000+ users have already experienced the power of GoRoga. It is backed by 16+ research studies, and an average 85% reduction in stress and burnout, showcasing its effectiveness. The success speaks for itself, with 90% of users recommending it to friends or family and 73% using it consistently even after six months.”

The device is mainly focused to reduce stress,  physically and mentally, with the app based therapies. The device is plugged into your phone and sticks behind your ears to stimulate tiny electrical pulses to control stress signals and make you feel better. By the usage of the guided sessions in the app, the user can reduce the stress in the nervous system.

The device is designed to deliver non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) to reduce moderate to severe stress levels. It activates alpha brain waves to bring the mind to a calm state and decrease brain activation with respect to stress, worry and rumination. It is backed by more than 16 research studies and has an average stress reduction of about 85%. It is recommended for 20-60 minutes and  4-6 weeks.

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