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Getir to cease operations in UK, Europe, and US, shifts focus to Turkey

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

Getir, the renowned grocery delivery service, has announced its decision to withdraw from the UK, Europe, and the US markets. The company cites a reorientation towards its primary market in Turkey, where it garners the majority of its revenue, as the driving force behind this pivotal shift.

This move marks the culmination of speculation surrounding Getir’s financial viability in the UK, particularly after it struggled to gain traction in the competitive European market. Despite the creation of nearly 23,000 jobs across the region over three years, the company acknowledges that only a mere 7% of its revenue was derived from these departing markets.

Getir’s rise to prominence in the UK, symbolized by its distinctive purple and yellow branding, was emblematic of the evolving landscape of food delivery services, spurred further by shifting consumer behaviors during the pandemic. Its hallmark “ultra-fast” delivery, often within 20 minutes, garnered widespread acclaim, propelling its rapid expansion.

The company has affirmed its commitment to maintaining operations for FreshDirect, its US subsidiary, following recent investments from Mubadala and G Squared. However, the departure from Western markets underscores a strategic realignment towards consolidating resources and capitalizing on growth opportunities closer to home.

While the closure of operations in the UK, Europe, and the US is expected to impact approximately 6,000 jobs, representing a fraction of its workforce, Getir remains resolute in its vision to fortify its position in Turkey. The decision reflects broader challenges faced by players in the instant delivery sector, compounded by regulatory hurdles and evolving market dynamics.

Despite this setback, Getir is poised to leverage fresh investments to bolster its presence in the Turkish market. As the company navigates this transitional phase, it underscores the resilience and adaptability required to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of digital commerce.

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