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China’s Xiaomi unveils its first EV- Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi Consumer Electronics company unveils the first electric vehicle, Xiaomi SU7, to soon compete with automaker giants like Tesla and Porsche.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Xiaomi, featuring  “MI” in their logo stands for “Mobile Internet” is  a software developing company that creates modified Android ROM called MIUI. Xiaomi stepped into the automotive industry in 2021 and announced its long-awaited first electric vehicle, Xiaomi SU7, on Thursday. The Xiaomi SU7 is Pronounced “Sue Qi” in Mandarin Chinese.  

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun spent over 3 hours on the stage presenting Xiaomi EV development and revealed that the Xiaomi SU7 is a highly anticipated model with the “super electric motor” technology that can compete against Porsche’s Taycan and Tesla’s Model S.

Super Ambitious Lei Jun laid a bold foundation as an industry leader and stated at the unveiling that “By working hard over the next 15 to 20 years, we will become one of the world’s top 5 automakers, striving to lift China’s overall automobile industry.”

CEO Lei Jun highlighted that SU7 has fast-charging capabilities in low temperatures and is equipped with advanced tech allowing it to recognize obstacles under challenging conditions such as falling snow during winter.

CEO Lei Jun said on the X social media platform that the company’s car model Xiaomi SU7, “is in trial production and it will hit the domestic market in a few months.” 

The company’s SU7 will come in two EV versions – Xiaomi SU7, and Xiaomi SU7 Max. 

Xiaomi SU7 reaches 0-100km/h in 5.28 seconds and has a battery capacity of 73.6 kWh, providing a 668 km range under the CLTC (China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle) standard. Whereas, the Xiaomi SU7 Max can go from 0-100km/h in 2.78 seconds and has a battery capacity of 101 kWh providing 800 km CLTC range. 

Xiaomi SU7 offers 299 ps horsepower equivalent power and max torque of 400 Nm. Whereas, Xiaomi SU7 Max offers 673 ps horsepower and 838 Nm torque.

The company reveals that the new EV will be available in three varieties of colours – Aqua Blue, Mineral Gray, and Verdant Green. Some of the new EV features are launch control, individual drive modes, adaptive ride control. 

Xiaomi SU7 is expected to appeal to its shared operating system with Xiaomi’s popular phones and other electronic devices among the customers. 

The price of the Xiaomi SU7 is not revealed, and sales are expected to begin this year. This project is highly significant in the market of China and domestic automakers are highly thriving in this competition.

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