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Huawei introduces Qiankun, new software for intelligent driving

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

Chinese technology giant Huawei has made a significant leap into the electric vehicle (EV) industry with the launch of its latest software brand for intelligent driving, named Qiankun. The unveiling took place during an event preceding the Beijing auto show.

Jin Yuzhi, CEO of Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solution (IAS) business unit, revealed plans for Qiankun to offer self-driving systems covering various aspects such as the driving chassis, audio system, and driver’s seat. The brand name symbolizes a fusion of heaven and the Kunlun Mountains.

With the introduction of Qiankun, Huawei solidifies its position as a key player in the EV market, aiming to lead the way in smart driving technology. Jin Yuzhi projected that by the end of 2024, over 500,000 vehicles equipped with Huawei’s self-driving system would be on the roads.

Furthermore, he anticipated that within a year, more than ten car models would incorporate Huawei’s Qiankun system, indicating the rapid adoption and integration of the company’s technology in the automotive sector.

Huawei’s venture into the EV realm began in 2019 when it established its smart car division, envisioning itself as the Bosch of the intelligent EV era. The company’s collaboration with Chinese automakers has resulted in the unveiling of seven EV models, including the Luxeed S7 sedan and the S9 sedan under the high-end Stelato brand.

This strategic move comes amidst an increasingly competitive landscape in China’s automotive market, characterized by a price war and overcapacity issues. As Huawei-backed Aito offers significant discounts on its M7 SUVs, the company aims to capture consumers’ attention and drive innovation in the rapidly evolving EV sector.

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