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Women in Insurance summit launches new mentor program

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A new mentorship program is being launched by Women in Insurance Summit Australia in Sydney. The program will be open to all Summit Delegates and will be launched at the networking lunch where interested mentors and mentees will be paired up. 

“Mentorship programs are one of many levers that a business can use to help lift our female talent,” said Claudio Saita, Head of Australia and Pacific for Canopius Group. “Canopius believes mentoring is essential to developing and training staff so we can create more rounded and high-performing employees,” said Sydney-based Saita.

“We work in an industry that demands specialized ‘know-how’ and a deep understanding of niche sectors,” said Saita. “The success of our business lies in sharing our knowledge with our colleagues and investing in the development of colleagues so we can create a pipeline of capable and committed individuals who feel supported and enabled to thrive.”

“We were therefore very pleased to have the opportunity to support the mentoring session within the Women in Insurance event,” said Saita.

The program will be held in Australia on 21 August 2024 and for more details on registering, go to https://australia.ibwomenininsurance.com/.  

About The Event 

The Women in Insurance Summit Australia 2024 is the definitive event in Insurance Business Australia’s ongoing initiative to recognise, celebrate, and empower women in the insurance industry. Set in the heart of Sydney, at The Fullerton Hotel, the summit promises an enlightening day filled with practical strategies, industry insights, and inspiring stories delivered by a diverse array of top speakers from Australia’s leading insurance companies. 

Featuring influential speakers, a robust agenda and the opportunity to network with the industry’s best; the summit is your opportunity to foster career-long relationships, develop high-performing strategies, and gain practical advice from industry leaders to strengthen your workforce and overcome adversity.

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