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Wizz Air Launches ‘Women on Air’ Event to Inspire Gender Diversity in Aviation

Celebrating diversity in aviation, Wizz Air's 'Women on Air' event aims to empower female leaders and inspire gender inclusivity in the industry.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Wizz Air recently introduced its inaugural ‘Women on Air’ event, marking a significant move to promote gender diversity in the aviation industry. The forum gathered 140 participants in Budapest, featuring accomplished female leaders from various roles within Wizz Air and related industries. These leaders shared insights on diversity, inclusion, leadership, work-life balance, and overcoming challenges in both flight operations and corporate settings.

The event underscores Wizz Air’s broader commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion, aiming to increase the representation of women across all functions within the organization. Currently, the airline boasts 65% female cabin crew and 5% female pilots across its network. Additionally, Wizz Air aims to achieve 7% female flight crew through initiatives like the ‘She Can Fly’ Pilot Academy program, creating pathways for female pilots’ career growth and success.

“We are proud to pioneer the ‘Women on Air’ initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the company and the aviation industry in general. By providing a dynamic platform for female leaders to share their experiences and insights with the WIZZ team, we aim to inspire, empower and pave the way for the next generation of aviation professionals.” commented Yvonne Moynihan, Corporate and ESG Officer at Wizz Air.

Charlotte Pedersen, a Wizz Air Board Member, discussed her personal experience in aviation, highlighting her journey from being a military pilot to reaching the boardroom, said: “Aviation is, despite many efforts, still lagging behind other industries when it comes to gender diversity. It is therefore important that we continue to focus on both inspiring and motivating more women to join our sector.

“We also need the women to step up into the leadership career – thereby creating a more inclusive environment for everyone. In this regard, the power of having visible role models at all organisational levels cannot be underestimated. Wizz Air’s ‘Women on Air’ forum is a great opportunity for discussion and collaboration, where the participants can learn from each other, find inspiration, and explore the opportunities for career development.”

Wizz Air’s ‘Women on Air’ event serves as a platform for collaboration, learning, and career development, aligning with industry-wide initiatives to create a more inclusive and diverse aviation sector.

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