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Neste expands sustainable aviation fuel supply in Europe

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Neste, a leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), is set to enhance its supply capabilities in Europe through a strategic partnership with VTTI, an energy infrastructure provider. This collaboration focuses on expanding operations in Rotterdam, significantly boosting Neste’s capacity to store and blend SAF.

Neste, a Finland-based company, already has partnerships with prominent airlines such as Air France-KLM, Ryanair, Singapore Airlines, and Emirates. Additionally, it recently introduced a book-and-claim platform, allowing corporates to purchase SAF. This latest development involves commissioning terminal capacity at VTTI’s ETT terminal in Rotterdam, a crucial move to increase the availability of SAF across Europe.

The ETT terminal’s strategic location within one of Europe’s largest fuel logistics hubs, along with its access to extensive infrastructure like the Central European Pipeline System, will facilitate a more sustainable and efficient fuel supply to customers and airports throughout the continent.

Neste also operates a refinery in Rotterdam, complementing its existing facility in Singapore. This expansion is expected to significantly bolster Neste’s ability to meet growing demand for SAF and support the aviation industry’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Neste is fully committed to supporting the aviation industry in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable aviation fuel is a key lever to achieve this,” said Alexander Kueper, vice president of Neste’s renewable aviation business.

He emphasized the importance of this expansion in meeting the upcoming ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation, which mandates a minimum share of SAF supply to European airports starting in 2025. “This expansion of our supply capabilities enables our customers to accelerate SAF usage at European airports and lays a strong foundation for fulfilling the requirements of the ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation, mandating the supply of a minimum share of SAF to European airports from 2025 onwards,” Kueper added.

With this strategic move, Neste is reinforcing its role as a pivotal player in the transition towards more sustainable aviation practices in Europe.

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