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Web Summit Rio celebrates Women in Tech and Innovation amidst AI and climate change focus

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Rio de Janeiro welcomes the spotlight as the Web Summit kicks off, spotlighting the forefront of artificial intelligence, climate change technology, and more.

The tech extravaganza, dubbed the “Davos for Geeks,” has landed in the Brazilian coastal city for its second edition, drawing over 600 tech visionaries, public figures, and speakers alongside representatives from over 1,000 startups.

In a notable shift, organizers report that 45 percent of this year’s showcased startups have been founded or are led by women, marking a milestone for the traditionally male-dominated tech industry. Women tech entrepreneurs hailing from Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, and Uruguay took center stage to applause as the three-day event commenced.

Artur Pereira, conference director, highlights the pivotal discussions revolving around technology’s pivotal role in addressing pressing global challenges such as AI, fintech, climate change, and human rights.

Describing the gathering as a platform to unite technology leaders within Latin America’s vibrant and burgeoning tech landscape, Pereira emphasizes the opportunity to foster connections with global influencers.

Originally launched in Dublin 15 years ago before finding a home in Lisbon in 2016, the Web Summit’s Latin American edition runs parallel to the flagship event held annually in November.

Despite ticket prices remaining consistent with last year, ranging from BRL 2,745 (USD 542) to BRL 49,995 (USD 9,870), the demand for the second edition of Web Summit Rio soared, with tickets selling out faster than ever before.

This year’s summit boasts a robust lineup, featuring over 1,000 startups—45 percent of which are helmed by women, the highest proportion in Web Summit history—alongside 600 investors, 210 partners, and 900 media professionals.

With plans to continue hosting the Rio edition until at least 2028, organizers are committed to solidifying the city’s status as a hub for innovation. AFP serves as a media partner for this year’s event.

The conference serves as a convergence point for startups and industry giants alike, with heavyweights such as IBM, BYD, Salesforce, Huawei, and JP Morgan in attendance.

Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio, underlines the transformative potential of tech and innovation in bolstering the city’s economy, aiming to position Rio as the innovation capital of Latin America.

Officials anticipate a daily influx of 40,000 attendees, injecting approximately 33 million reais ($6.4 million) into the local economy throughout the event’s duration.

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