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Walmart-Backed Fintech One introduces BNPL service

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In a move aimed at providing more flexibility to shoppers, One, the fintech startup with a significant backing from Walmart, has unveiled its buy now, pay later (BNPL) payment feature at select Walmart stores across the United States.

This initiative allows customers to purchase high-value items like electronics and power tools and pay for them in installments over time, offering an alternative to traditional upfront payments.

The introduction of this BNPL service marks One’s entry into the in-store payment landscape, positioning itself alongside Affirm, another prominent player in the BNPL market.

As Walmart’s majority-owned venture, One is expected to receive significant promotion and integration within Walmart stores, potentially challenging Affirm’s dominance in the retail giant’s payment ecosystem.

While Affirm continues to be available as a funding option at Walmart, the introduction of One’s BNPL service suggests a strategic shift towards promoting its in-house fintech solution.

This move aligns with One’s broader ambition to evolve into a comprehensive financial platform, offering a range of services beyond traditional savings and lending products.

Founded in 2019 by former Goldman Sachs partner Omer Ismail, One has garnered attention since Walmart’s investment in 2021, positioning itself as a key player in the evolving fintech landscape.

The introduction of BNPL options represents a significant step forward for One, bringing it closer to realizing its vision of becoming a one-stop financial hub for consumers.

With the increasing popularity of BNPL services, particularly in online transactions, Walmart’s decision to incorporate multiple BNPL options underscores its commitment to meeting evolving customer preferences.

According to industry reports, BNPL transactions have witnessed substantial growth in recent years, with consumers increasingly opting for flexible payment solutions.

The availability of multiple BNPL options at Walmart is expected to further fuel this trend, providing shoppers with greater flexibility and convenience in managing their purchases.

As competition intensifies in the BNPL space, Walmart’s move to embrace multiple providers reflects its strategy to remain at the forefront of retail innovation and cater to the evolving needs of its customer base.

With BNPL transactions continuing to gain momentum, the expansion of these services at Walmart is poised to reshape the retail landscape, offering consumers more choice and flexibility in their payment options.

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