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Swerve Financial Group launches Swerve(HER) Elevation Scholarship for women entrepreneurs

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Swerve Financial Group (SFG) is extending a call to female entrepreneurs, inviting them to seize the opportunity offered by the Swerve(HER) Elevation Scholarship, aimed at propelling their businesses toward greater success. Valued at $10,000, this scholarship includes enrollment in the Women Elevating Women Cohort Program. Interested applicants have until April 29 to apply.

“At Swerve Financial, we believe in the principle of ‘lifting as we climb,’ fostering a spirit of collaboration and empowerment,” stated Tiana Ligon, CEO, and founder of SFG. She underscored the significance of solidarity among female business owners, highlighting the scholarship as a means to extend support to fellow women entrepreneurs, paving the way for collective success.

Launched earlier this month, the Swerve(HER) Elevation Scholarship targets women entrepreneurs in need of financial literacy support. Applicants are required to demonstrate a functional financial system reflecting their business performance and commit to strategic planning and cohort meetings.

Betty J. Hines, CEO, and founder of Women Elevating Women (W.E.W.), emphasized the importance of support networks in fostering growth. “W.E.W. provides a nurturing environment where female entrepreneurs can convene, openly share their experiences, and discover ways to transform business challenges into opportunities,” she explained. The nine-month cohort program, according to Hines, equips women with strategies to bridge the wealth gap, access hidden financial resources, prioritize health to enhance wealth, and safeguard their legacy.

Prospective applicants can access details on applying for the Swerve(HER) Elevation Scholarship through the link https://bit.ly/4aJpgTo and on Swerve Financial Group’s Instagram and LinkedIn platforms. The selection of a scholarship recipient is scheduled for May 10.

“As we strive for economic parity, it is imperative to recognize and bolster the talent within women-owned enterprises,” Ligon reiterated. “Elevating these businesses goes beyond diversity; it is about driving economic advancement and forging a more inclusive future. Eligible women business owners are encouraged to seize this opportunity to elevate their businesses and become part of a supportive community.”

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