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Lafarge Africa supports 60 women entrepreneurs with N22 million in seed grants

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

Lafarge Africa, a leading company in innovative and sustainable building solutions, has launched the “Empowering Women in Business” program. This initiative aims to harness the significant economic potential of women by supporting 60 businesses led by women across its thirteen host communities. The program provides a total of 22 million naira in seed grants to women entrepreneurs in Akpabuyo, Akampa, Calabar Municipalities, and Ndupani Local Government Areas in Cross River State.

During his speech at the event, Milad Hanan, Plant Manager of Lafarge Africa’s Mfamosing plant, underscored the company’s dedication to gender equality and emphasized the crucial contribution of women to the business sector. He stated, “I am very proud of the women in our community who are taking the lead to drive businesses. They are playing a significant role and have the potential to make a big impact not only in Calabar but across Nigeria.” 

Similarly, Bassey Inyang, the Communications and Public Affairs Manager for the East at Lafarge Africa, clarified that the program forms a core part of the company’s sustainability efforts focused on women’s development. He highlighted that the chosen women are receiving essential training in business management skills.  “We have provided financial literacy training and practical business management tools to those who are already in business, creating scenario-based learning experiences.”

Mrs. Edema Irom, Commissioner for Women Affairs in Cross River State, praised Lafarge Africa during her address at the event for acknowledging women as pivotal figures in the business sector. Edema Irom said, “Lafarge Africa has deemed it fit to empower women this time, rather than men or youth. Empowering women in business is one of the best things that can happen for women globally.”

Likewise, Mrs. Ada Charles, Special Adviser to the Governor on Community Relations, urged the recipients to utilize the resources prudently for expanding their businesses, while also commending Lafarge for its initiative. “When you empower a woman, you empower a community and a nation. I am very grateful for what Lafarge has done today,” she said.

Community leaders also expressed their gratitude. The Clan Head of Kasuk Qua Clan, Ntiyo Patrick Agbo, said, “I want to thank God for this day and extend my gratitude to Lafarge. They have done so much for us before now—empowering us through academics, scholarships, water supply, and skills acquisition centers, all of which are functioning well in my community.”

Additionally, Mr. Lawrence Bassey, Chairman of the Community Relations Committee (CRC), reiterated the significance of responsibly utilizing the grants. “Today we gather here thanks to Lafarge to empower you. I implore you to use the cash grants responsibly and not for any activities that could bring trouble or attract negative attention to us or the CRC representatives who recommended you.”

Beneficiaries of the program expressed gratitude and commitment to effectively utilizing the grants. Glory Edet thanked Lafarge Africa for facilitating the establishment of their businesses, while Idara David appreciated the valuable training they received. Mmayen shared, “This program has been immensely beneficial to my business. I am confident it will help me improve my business position.”

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