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Singapore emerges as Leader in Female-Led Startups across Southeast Asia

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Singapore stands out as a frontrunner in the realm of female-led startups within Southeast Asia, showcasing notable achievements both regionally and globally.

A recent report by Traxcn unveils over 1,700 women-led startups flourishing in Southeast Asia, amassing approximately $4 billion in total funding to date.

Ranked 7th globally for funding raised by women-led startups, Singapore has continually attracted significant investment capital for businesses led by women, a testament to the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem cultivated in the nation.

With 936 women-owned startups, Singapore surpasses neighbouring countries in fostering an environment ripe for innovation and entrepreneurship. Leading the pack is Jakarta with 173 startups, followed by Kuala Lumpur with 107, Bangkok with 67, and Metro Manila with 62.

This robust startup landscape in Singapore underscores the active participation of female founders in enriching the dynamic ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Statistics further highlight Singapore’s prominence in female-led startup funding within Southeast Asia. Women-led startups in the city-state have raised a total of US$3 billion across 380 fundraising rounds, showcasing their significant contribution to the region’s entrepreneurial landscape.

While Singapore leads the charge, other cities in Southeast Asia are not far behind. Jakarta, for instance, secured US$935.9 million in funding across 106 rounds, while Cyberjaya saw US$86.3 million raised over 10 rounds by women-led startups.

The rise of female-led startups in the region signifies a broader trend towards gender diversity and inclusion within Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem, with Singapore spearheading this transformative movement.

Singapore’s leadership in this domain instills optimism for the future of women-owned startups across Southeast Asia, poised to achieve even greater milestones in innovation, investment, and global impact.

In 2023, women-led startups raised a staggering US$3 billion, marking a significant milestone in the region’s entrepreneurial landscape. Notably, East Ventures, 500 Global, and Entrepreneur First emerged as the most active firms supporting women-led startups in the same year.

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