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Lenovo Elevates AI Services in Thailand as Non-PC Sector Surges

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

Lenovo, a global technology leader, is undergoing a strategic shift attributed to a remarkable 42% increase in non-PC sector revenue last year. This surge underscores a rising demand for AI solutions amidst the ongoing digital transformation trend sweeping across the globe, including Thailand.

According to a recent report by Lenovo, Thailand emerges as one of the company’s key markets, mirroring the growth trajectory observed worldwide. Notably, Thailand ranks as the second-fastest growing market for digital transformation and fourth in devices. The report also highlights a notable 3% year-on-year revenue increase, totaling US$15 million for the final quarter of 2023.

During a recent discussion, Lenovo executives, including Thailand and Rest of Indochina General Manager Woraphot Thavornwan, and Greater Asia Pacific Key Account Business Leader Thaneth Angkasirisan, deliberated on the transformative power of AI. They emphasized Lenovo’s commitment to driving intelligent transformation and empowering organizations across Asia Pacific and Thailand through innovative solutions.

Mark Codrington, Lenovo’s representative, underscored the company’s expansion beyond traditional PC domains into burgeoning sectors like Edge, Cloud, Blockchain, and AI. Recognizing the unique pace of digital transformation in each country, Lenovo aims to support organizations in embracing new technologies to enhance efficiency.

Lenovo’s business restructuring into three units—Solutions and Services Group (SSG), Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG), and Intelligence Devices Group—reflects its dedication to providing comprehensive solution services tailored to customer needs.

Woraphot highlighted Lenovo’s focus on offering enhanced solution services to customers, particularly in AI-related implementations. The company’s Digital Workplace Solutions (DWS) portfolio aims to optimize work-related technology, security, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

Amidst rapid technological advancements, there is a growing market demand for AI solutions in Thailand. Lenovo anticipates substantial growth in the PC market, driven by repeated purchasing cycles post-COVID-19 and increased adoption of digital technologies across sectors.

Thaneth emphasized Lenovo’s commitment to developing AI-ready infrastructure to deliver scalable, energy-efficient AI solutions globally. Hybrid AI, a key focus area, promises cost-effectiveness by allowing companies to pay only for the AI services they utilize.

Looking ahead, Lenovo reaffirms its dedication to advancing AI-powered devices and solutions to maintain market leadership in Thailand and bolster its presence across the broader Indochina region. With an additional $1 billion investment in AI over the next three years, Lenovo remains steadfast in its mission to deliver smarter technology solutions worldwide.

As a Fortune Global 500 company, Lenovo’s $62 billion revenue underscores its status as a global technology powerhouse, committed to delivering innovation and smarter technology solutions to customers worldwide.

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