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Genpact Advances AI-First Strategy with Key Executive Appointments

Genpact's strategic executive appointments signal a commitment to AI and digital innovation, positioning the company for transformative growth in data-driven operations.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Genpact, a global leader in professional services, has announced strategic executive appointments aimed at strengthening its digital leadership and advancing its AI-oriented blueprint. These appointments highlight Genpact’s commitment to leveraging data, technology, and AI-first principles for sustained growth.

Vipin Gairola has been appointed as Genpact’s Global Operating Officer, tasked with leading the transformation of service delivery through AI-led solutions. With oversight of global client operations, analytics, and technology, Gairola brings extensive experience from Accenture, where he served in senior leadership roles, including Chief Strategy Officer for Accenture Operations.

Meanwhile, Vidya Rao, Genpact’s Chief Information Officer,  will take on a bigger role as the Chief Technology and Transformation Officer. Rao will lead efforts to revamp internal processes with an AI-first approach and establish a well-equipped department within Genpact that is focused on improving the company’s data capabilities.

“We are excited to have highly talented and transformative individuals in key leadership roles at Genpact. Vidya and Vipin’s appointments emphasize our ongoing strategy to re-energize our leadership team to drive us into our next chapter of growth,” said BK Kalra, President and CEO, Genpact. “More and more of our leadership has deep expertise in data, analytics, operations, and AI and their experience will play a pivotal role in how Genpact and our clients will do the work in an AI-driven world.”

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