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From Data to Decisions: How AI is Reshaping Business Strategy

by Krishnendu P
by Krishnendu P

AI has transformed from a futuristic concept to the cornerstone of transformative business landscapes. Artificial Intelligence has surely changed the way a job is done and also its desired results. AI is fast becoming an inevitable tool across industries. Especially in business, AI has helped reshape the business structure for faster growth and success. 

Here are some AI tools that can help in the business arena:


Chatbots have become inevitable features of customer servicing. They have been an integral part of any business’s customer service by giving instantaneous answers to queries, scheduling appointments, and even taking product orders too. 

Predictive Analytics:

The predictive analysis makes use of AI algorithms to predict future business trends and behaviors based on historical data. The companies use these data to predict customer preference, upcoming trends, and product modification, transforming the way companies carry out business strategies. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

NLP helps machines comprehend human language, analyze sentiments, improve upon customer feedback, easy language translation, and process emotions like human beings. 

Recommendation Engines:

This AI tool helps process the preferences and history of a client to tailor-make the recommendations he receives. From getting suggestions to buy their favorite thing to recommend things based on their lifestyle, recommendation engines help companies improve sales as well as customer loyalty. 

Image and Speech Recognition:

Image recognition technology makes use of deep learning techniques to identify and classify objects, people, and scenes within digital images and videos. The speech recognition technology transforms speech into written text, enabling the hands-free operation of devices in companies, and reducing man-made mistakes. 

AI has become an integral part of our daily life. While this has significantly reduced mistakes of human nature, this has also infiltrated our lives and has made significant changes to them. Here is a list of AI software that companies and businesses commonly use. 

For content creation and marketing:
  1. Jasper (Formerly Jarvis) – A content creation AI that generates everything from blog posts to social media captions
  2. MurfText-to-speech converter that gives the content a human voice
  3. Genius.AIAn AI software with a suite of tools including AI-powered content creation, lead scoring, and chatbots
For productivity and communication:
  1. FirefliesAn AI-powered meeting assistant that helps with transcribing, analyzing, and analyzing meetings
  2. Notion AIA popular workspace to schedule work, organize tasks, and take notes
  3. Notion AI Q&A Notion AI boasts now of an AI software that searches your work notes to provide you with any note-based questions you may have
  4. Zia by ZOHO CRMAI-powered sales assistant from Zoho CRM
For Customer Service and Sales:
  1. AdaImprove customer satisfaction with Ada, an AI-powered customer service chatbot
  2. Conversational AI by DriftThis tool allows businesses to create chatbots that can answer customer questions, qualify leads, and even schedule meetings, all while mimicking human conversation
For Data Analyzing and Decision Making:
  1. IBM Watson AssistantThis AI platform helps businesses gain insights from complex data sets through the help of NLP
  2. SisenseSisense allows users to explore data intuitively, identify patterns, and create interactive dashboards

Remember, AI is here to be a partner, not a replacement. By embracing these innovative tools, you can empower your team and unlock a whole new level of efficiency and success!

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