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Finastra introduces online marketplace for retail lending solutions

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Finastra, a renowned global provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, has unveiled its latest initiative – the Solution Store. This innovative online platform offers customers the convenience of browsing and purchasing Finastra’s retail lending solutions at their fingertips. By streamlining the procurement process, the Solution Store ensures that solutions are readily available for purchase around the clock.

Gone are the days of lengthy meetings, emails, phone calls, or contracts. With the Solution Store, customers can now purchase retail lending solutions swiftly and securely without the need for extensive formalities. Accessible from Finastra’s Customer Success Community, the Solution Store provides customers with a seamless experience. Upon checkout, customers receive an email outlining their purchase and next steps, expediting the adoption process and enabling them to reap the benefits of Finastra solutions in record time.

Keith McLendon, business support manager at FLC Bank, expressed his satisfaction with the Solution Store, stating, “As we all know, sometimes our days get crowded with meetings and taking care of customers. With this new, agile marketplace now online, I can browse and learn about solutions at my own pace, making it easier than ever to deploy new products that enhance both our operations and customer experience.”

The Solution Store currently offers thirty retail lending solutions, including Finastra Compliance Reporter, Data Insights, and various third-party integrations. Moreover, customers can expect more than 65 additional solutions to be added in the coming months. To support customers in optimizing their operations, product-specific training resources are also available, covering essentials such as Mortgagebot, LaserPro, eSign, and DecisionPro.

Michael Kinney, head of sales, retail lending at Finastra, emphasized the significance of the Solution Store in advancing open finance. He stated, “Whether a customer requires additional training to optimize their operations, a proven Finastra solution to solve a customer need, or easy connection to an ecosystem partner, the Solution Store makes it happen quickly and efficiently.”

In essence, Finastra’s Solution Store represents a significant leap forward in facilitating access to essential financial solutions and services for financial institutions across the US, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency at the click of a button.

Don’t forget to check out the Solution Store on Finastra’s Customer Success Community platform, and take advantage of the array of solutions tailored to meet your needs.

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