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Tin Pei Ling joins MetaComp as Co-President to drive partnerships across Asia-Pacific

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MetaComp Pte Ltd, Singapore’s prominent Digital Payment Token Service Provider licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under MVGX Holdings (MVGXH), has appointed Ms. Tin Pei Ling as its Co-President.

MVGXH is a licensed Singaporean fintech group with four subsidiaries: MetaComp offers Digital Payment Token and Cross-border Money Transfer services; MVGX Tech provides Carbon SaaS with a focus on Scope 3 emissions; Metaverse Green Exchange (MVGX) operates as a Recognised Market Operator for digital and green asset-backed securities; and Asia Green Fund (AGF) manages over USD 2.8 billion in assets, investing in green impact and sustainability sectors.

From June 24, 2024, Ms. Tin will concentrate on fostering strategic partnerships and corporate development at MetaComp. Her role aims to enhance MetaComp’s strategic alliances, propel momentum, and solidify its leadership in integrating traditional and crypto finance sectors. This appointment is poised to forge new partnerships and expand client offerings significantly.

Dr Bo Bai, Chairman and Co-Founder of MetaComp, said, “In today’s bustling fintech space, MetaComp is at the forefront of driving financial solutions that help our customers navigate money management between traditional finance and crypto finance. Technology and innovation are only part of the equation, and at MetaComp, we emphasise that our people are our DNA, serving as the compass for our clients.” 

Dr Bai adds, “We are delighted to welcome Pei Ling to the MetaComp family. Her extensive experience, coupled with her expertise in strategic development, makes her an invaluable asset to our leadership team. Her vision and drive perfectly align with our aspirations at MetaComp, and I am confident she will significantly contribute to our continued success.”

Before joining MetaComp, Ms. Tin served in pivotal corporate roles, such as Managing Director for Strategic Partnership & Business Development at DCS Card Centre, and as Chief Executive Officer of Business China. Business China focuses on enhancing Singapore-China relations through collaboration with public and private sectors, aiming to sustain and enhance Singapore’s global connectivity.

Ms Tin stated, “Sustainability is a global imperative and there is still much that can be done in the fintech sector to enable this. Hence, I am delighted to accept the opportunity to join MetaComp, given it being a part of the MVGXH conglomerate, a licensed fintech group specialising in green and digital assets. I look forward to doing my part in supporting sustainable finance by driving growth through partnerships and bridging traditional finance with digital assets alongside my fellow Co-President, Mr Eddie Hui.”

Eddie Hui, MetaComp’s Co-President and COO, brings extensive experience from Societe Generale. He leads business strategy and operations. With Ms. Tin Pei Ling joining, MetaComp and MVGX aim to integrate traditional finance with digital assets through new initiatives.

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