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Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun to step down

Dave Calhoun, CEO of Boeing, has announced his resignation as part of a comprehensive management restructuring aimed at addressing recent challenges and charting a new course for the aerospace giant

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Amidst a profound restructuring effort within Boeing’s management, the CEO, Dave Calhoun, has announced his plans to step down by the end of this year. This strategic move comes as Boeing grapples with repairing its reputation in the wake of a harrowing incident involving a cabin panel blowout.

Alongside Calhoun, Larry Kellner, the chair of Boeing’s board of directors, will also be relinquishing his role. Calhoun intends to oversee the crucial ongoing initiatives aimed at stabilizing and positioning the company for future endeavors over the upcoming months.

The aerospace giant has been working diligently to reassure regulators, airlines, and passengers following an alarming incident in January, where a brand-new 737 Max 9 jet was forced into an emergency landing. This episode led to the grounding of 171 Max 9 jets for several weeks, marking the most significant safety crisis for Boeing since the tragic crashes of two Max 8 jets in 2018 and 2019, claiming the lives of 346 individuals.

As part of the management overhaul, Stan Deal, the head of Boeing’s commercial airplanes business, has also departed from his role with immediate effect. Stephanie Pope, Boeing’s chief operating officer, has stepped in to succeed him.

In response to these developments, Calhoun emphasized the company’s commitment to overcoming challenges and returning to stability. He underscored the imperative of prioritizing safety and quality in all aspects of Boeing’s operations.

Steve Mollenkopf, a member of Boeing’s board of directors since 2020, is set to assume the role of chair following Kellner’s departure. Mollenkopf will spearhead the search for Calhoun’s successor, reflecting Boeing’s strategy of ensuring continuity and effective leadership transition.

The recent reshuffling at Boeing comes amidst mounting pressure from airlines and regulators for substantial changes within the company, driven by concerns over quality and manufacturing flaws in Boeing planes. Calhoun has been vocal about addressing these issues and reaffirming Boeing’s commitment to safety and quality.

Calhoun’s impending resignation marks a significant juncture for Boeing, following his appointment in late 2019 amid the aftermath of the 737 Max crashes. Despite the challenges, Boeing’s stock showed a positive response to Calhoun’s announcement, indicating optimism among investors regarding the company’s future trajectory.

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