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The Mama Consultancy expands to increase the increased needs of Elite Staffing Solutions

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British governess Lynsay Kilbane established the Mama Consultancy in 2022. After establishing a successful international career working for UHNW and HNW families as a nanny and governess, Lynsay’s first goal was to enhance the hiring procedure and elevate childcare standards. Demand for other highly skilled professions increased along with the need for her governesses, maternity nurses, and nannies. Along with less common jobs like dog nannies and full-time masseuses, the company now hires butlers, chefs, and house managers.

Lynsay Kilbane, Founder of The Mama Consultancy, explains: “In the last two years, we’ve seen a sharp increase in specialist roles as families become more specific and discerning with their requirements. People are frequently brought in to care for pets, and requests for female butlers and male nannies are two areas where we’re seeing a real upsurge recently. The UAE’s popularity as a premier destination for UHNWIs and HNWIs is well-recognised and this has significantly impacted household staffing. It made sense for us to apply the same stringent standards that we uphold in childcare recruitment by providing impeccably trained professionals in other areas. Our main goal is to ensure households run smoothly with discrete staff who integrate seamlessly into people’s homes.”

According to Henley & Partners, the UAE will have more billionaires entering the country in 2024 than any other nation in the globe, with household wages growing to draw in the best applicants. To meet a family’s needs, The Mama Consultancy hires workers from all over the world, with a large number coming from the UK, Europe, Australia, and the USA. Additionally, it provides a Mama Concierge service, which helps parents with lifestyle requirements including custom vacation plans, arranging schedules and activities, personalised health and wellness programs, individual tutoring, and educational support services.

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