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Bankly, Nigeria’s Fintech Startup is Empowering Millions, Bridging Gaps in Nigeria’s Financial Landscape

CEO Tomilola Adejana Majekodunmi leads Bankly's mission, making waves in Nigeria's fintech landscape, promoting inclusion and empowerment

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Led by Founder and CEO Tomilola Adejana Majekodunmi, this fintech disruptor, now known as Bankly, has achieved significant milestones in its pursuit of financial inclusion, blending traditional savings networks with cutting-edge technology.

Banly started its operations in 2019. An innovative fintech enterprise that embarked on a transformative mission to address the financial challenges confronting Nigeria’s unbanked informal sector.

Earlier this year Bankly celebrated a major achievement with the launch of its Microfinance Bank, introducing new products to enhance financial inclusion.

Addressing the launch, Tomilola Majekodunmi, the Co-founder and CEO of Bankly, expressed the microfinance bank was established to deliver straightforward banking solutions to diverse customers.

Majekodunmi said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Bankly Microfinance Bank. At Bankly, we have always been committed to easing financial processes and addressing the pain points of everyday people through a wide range of financial products and services.

“With the launch of the Bankly Microfinance Bank and the group savings feature on the Bankly app, we have taken this commitment a step further, making it easier for the everyday Nigerians to save, invest and spend without hassles.”

Today, Bankly stands as the preferred choice for over 2 million individuals and enterprises across Nigeria, providing tailor-made banking solutions that empower businesses.

Under Tomilola’s leadership, Bankly has become a catalyst for financial growth, using digital currency, personal identity, and comprehensive financial services to integrate unbanked Nigerians into the formal economy.

Tomilola Adejana Majekodunmi’s journey from a background in Physiology to an MBA graduate has been marked by diverse experiences, including roles at global corporations like P&G and Nestle. Her pivot to the fintech sector was sparked during an MBA program that led her to work on a project for a peer-to-peer lending company in Sydney.

Bankly’s inception was influenced by Tomilola’s experience working on SmartCredit, a startup providing nano loans to small businesses. The goal was to digitize cash, making financial services accessible to underserved populations.

Bankly officially launched in 2019 and quickly garnered interest and support. The founders’ efforts led to significant recognition, including winning the 2019 Innovating Justice Award.

In 2020, Bankly broadened its services by entering into agency banking, establishing a network of more than 50,000 agents across the nation to offer support amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, these agents have collectively enabled over 12 million unique individuals to access financial services.

Bankly’s mission is to provide straightforward banking solutions, catering to the diverse financial needs of individuals across Nigeria, from farmers to students.

Bankly, under the visionary leadership of Founder and CEO Tomilola Adejana Majekodunmi, continues to be a trailblazer in the fintech landscape of Nigeria. From its inception in 2019 to the recent launch of Bankly Microfinance Bank, the company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to simplifying financial processes and addressing the needs of everyday Nigerians.

The journey, marked by innovation and a blend of traditional savings networks with cutting-edge technology, has not only garnered recognition but has also made Bankly the preferred choice for millions of individuals and enterprises nationwide. Through strategic initiatives, innovations and a plethora of new financial products Bankly remains dedicated to promoting financial inclusion and empowerment.

As Bankly stands at the forefront of reshaping financial services in Nigeria, it is not merely a fintech disruptor but a transformative force that continues to pave the way for a more inclusive and accessible financial future for all.

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