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Ansa raises $14 Million in funding led by female investors

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Fintech infrastructure firm Ansa has announced a significant milestone, raising $14 million in Series A funding. Renegade Partners led the funding round, joined by prominent backers including Bain Capital Ventures, B37 Ventures, Box Group, and Wischoff Ventures.

The injection of capital will fuel Ansa’s mission to expand its suite of payment solutions, with a keen emphasis on product development and engineering. The company aims to empower merchants with cutting-edge tools to enhance customer engagement and streamline transactions effectively.

At the core of Ansa’s offerings lies a commitment to empowering enterprise brands to embed customer balances seamlessly, while navigating the complexities of payments, accounting, and regulatory compliance. By enabling merchants to swiftly deploy branded closed-loop payment programs, Ansa facilitates revenue growth, cash flow optimization, and deeper customer insights, all while fostering greater loyalty and enhancing customer experiences.

Sophia Goldberg, CEO and Co-founder of Ansa, highlighted the critical need for modernizing payment systems in line with evolving consumer demands. 

“Commerce has outpaced payments innovation. The technology paradigms we use for payments are decades old. As our world increasingly digitizes, consumers demand better experiences as businesses continue to innovate. Both consumers and merchants deserve more flexibility, which is why we built Ansa,” said Sophia Goldberg. “From marketplaces and microtransactions to convenience stores and quick-serve businesses, modern commerce has changed. At Ansa, we are excited to pioneer solutions that enable merchants to optimize seamless payment strategies, boosting customer engagement, retention, and frequency for sustained growth in today’s competitive market.” she added.

Ansa’s platform enables merchants to launch white-labeled customer wallets effortlessly, facilitating payments and incentives within a single integrated solution. Notably, businesses utilizing the Ansa platform have reported significant boosts in average order frequency and revenue, underscoring the platform’s effectiveness in driving business growth and customer engagement.

Renata Quintini of Renegade Partners, who joins Ansa’s board, hailed the company’s transformative impact on the future of transactions. She lauded Ansa’s pioneering approach to payments, which empowers merchants to trade cumbersome credit card processing fees for increased customer lifetime value, retention, and loyalty.

“Ansa is setting a new standard for how we’ll all transact in the future, with a pioneering payments solution that lets merchants trade burdensome credit card processing fees for increased customer lifetime value (LTV),” said Renata Quintini of Renegade Partners. “With a CEO that literally wrote the book on payments, Ansa’s branded closed-loop wallet enables merchants to deliver seamless purchasing experiences to their customers — increasing retention, frequency, and overall loyalty.” She added.

Ansa’s recent accolades, including recognition as one of The Information’s Most Promising Startups of 2023 and inclusion in Money2020’s esteemed Startup Network, underscore its emergence as a rising star in the fintech industry. The substantial investment round, with over 95.6% of funding contributed by female investors, reflects a positive shift in the fintech funding landscape.

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