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AI Wave takes over the hiring process: Evolution on the way?

By Krishnendu P
By Krishnendu P

In recent times, AI has been taking over every sector and industry. While AI helps streamline processes and also makes it more efficient, this technology has been overwhelming humans to the point of few of them losing their jobs. As a coin would have 2 sides, AI has also made the hiring process smooth. Here are some ways it is doing a remarkable job in the human resources sector. 

Automated resume screening:

AI software can quickly screen a large number of resumes and can filter the relevant skillset for the given role. This automated screening technique avoids bias by concentrating exclusively on objective factors, saving time.

Enhanced candidate sourcing:

Using AI, employers can scan for potential candidates for a position for which they might not have actively applied for. This makes the work of an employer more easy as the chances of hiring a perfect candidate is much more increased, all thanks to AI.

AI-powered chatbots for initial screening:

AI can be used for initial screening of a candidate and they can be checked if they are the perfect match for the offered opportunity. The AI can answer preliminary questions about job roles, company culture, and application procedures. This immediate interaction enhances the candidate experience and filters out unqualified applicants early in the process.

Facial and voice recognition for interviews:

During a face-to-face interview, AI can take in the interviewee’s non-verbal cues and tap into their emotional intelligence, confidence levels, and communication skills. This way, the employer can get insights into the employee as a human rather than judge them on the interaction alone. This technology complements traditional interview methods and helps recruiters make more informed decisions.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation: 

As AI technology advances, hiring processes continue to evolve. Machine learning algorithms can learn from previous hiring decisions and adapt to changing market trends and candidate expectations, ensuring that recruitment strategies remain effective and competitive.

With its unmatched scalability, objectivity, and efficiency, artificial intelligence (AI) recruiting marks a paradigm leap in recruitment techniques. These developments simplify processes and enhance decision-making, but they also highlight how crucial it is to strike a balance between technological innovation and human understanding and compassion. AI will continue to advance, and with it, will the methods used by businesses to draw in, evaluate, and hold on to elite personnel in a highly competitive global job market.

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