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Yllana Marie Aduana: Beyond the crown and the sash!

by Krishnendu P
by Krishnendu P

Yllana Marie Aduana captivated the whole world with her beauty, delicate features, and undying passion for the environment in the year 2023. That is when she was crowned Miss. Earth-Air. While she wrote history with her win of Miss Earth-Air, Aduana is so much beyond the crown, sash, and all that sass. 

Early Years

Yllana was born in Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines in 1998. Amidst the picturesque landscape of the Philippines, Aduana’s love for the environment too grew along with her. Years later, Yllana would reinforce her passion and dedication to a different kind of passion when she started studying at Centro Escolar University, where her skills stood their ground and she became a Medical Laboratory Scientist.

While her career soared high, Yllana knew her calling went beyond the laboratory. This is when pageantry came into her life and she participated in Miss Philippines Earth, 2021. Unfortunately, Yllana did not kiss the crown. But with relentless effort and a fire-like passion, Yllana took her chance again at Miss Philippines Earth, 2023. She gave a welcome kiss to the crown this time and this became her stepping stone to be crowned Miss Earth-Air in 2023. 

Truly, a Beauty with Brains!

The glitz and glam of the pageantry wasn’t the only attraction for Aduana. She decided to use the fame to advocate for things she felt deeply from her heart. Her passion stemmed from a genuine concern for everything living on this earth. Her passion drove her to community outreaches aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which advocated that human welfare and happiness were linked with environmental developments. 

Aduana had a deep understanding from the go that getting crowned Miss Earth-Air wasn’t just about planting a couple of trees. She understood that the genuine well-being of the earth and its environment would be what would take her forward in this journey of passion and perseverance. Her association with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals got her to understand the complex relationship between environmental issues and social development.

The Journey from Getting Crowned Miss Philippines Earth to Miss Earth-Air

As they say, the second time is the charm- Aduana impressed the judges and audience alike in her second attempt at Miss Philippines Earth 2023. She went on to win the Darling of the Press award which solidified her talent for effective yet pleasant communication skills. She finished the competition in 3rd place displaying her multifaceted talent pool. 

The dazzling safety pin gown that Aduana wore to the competition wasn’t just a fashion statement, but it was the reflection of resilience and strength, qualities that Yllana embodied throughout her pageant journey. Ultimately crowned the Miss Philippines Earth, this competition successfully cemented her name in the year’s Miss Earth competitions in Vietnam. 

Yllana Marie Aduana's Safety Pin Gown at Miss Philippines Earth 2023, a photo by Ken Batino. | Image Source: instagram.com/Yllana Marie Aduana
Taste of Success and a Trail of Legacy

At Miss Earth 2023, we once again witness Aduana’s never-ever attitude and her true passion for the environment. Being crowned Miss Earth-Air 2023 wasn’t just another feather in Aduana’s hat but it was her window to actively advocate environmental causes she felt deeply for. 

Her eloquent responses and her genuine love for the environment eventually made her a judges’ and audiences’ favorite. She actively participated in various environmental initiatives throughout her year as Miss Earth-Air, further solidifying her commitment to a sustainable future.

Life After Miss Earth-Air 2023

Yllana’s story is more than just a pageant fairytale. She’s a role model for young women everywhere, showing them that you can chase your dreams while fighting for a cause you believe in. From rocking the lab coat to slaying the runway in a stunning gown, Yllana’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication.

Yllana’s story is more than a pageant fairytale. It’s a reminder that anyone can make a difference. It doesn’t matter if you’re a scientist, a beauty queen, or just someone who cares about the planet. With dedication and a cause you believe in, you can achieve your goals and leave your mark on the world. Yllana’s journey is an inspiration, and the world can’t wait to see what amazing things she accomplishes next!

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