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VNG GreenNode and NVIDIA launch a large-scale AI Cloud infrastructure in Southeast Asia, offering a global platform

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

GreenNode, a division of VNG specializing in AI Cloud services and recognized as a preferred partner of NVIDIA Cloud (NCP), has launched a large-scale AI Data cluster in Bangkok, Thailand. GreenNode aims to lead Asia’s AI Cloud service sector by empowering regional AI businesses with robust high-performance computing (HPC) AI resources.

This facility is one of Southeast Asia’s first AI-ready hyperscale data centers managed by GreenNode’s Cloud Operation Excellence. Mr. Dennis Ang of NVIDIA emphasized the importance of AI data centers and AI factories for companies in the GenAI era.

 These are the areas where NVIDIA is closely collaborating with the VNG GreenNode and ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC) teams. “Together, we have completed and delivered these two key elements to our customers. Congratulations to VNG GreenNode on their success, and Nvidia eagerly anticipates further collaboration opportunities in the future.”

GreenNode’s AI Cloud cluster at STT Bangkok 1 meets global standards with LEED Gold certification, TIA-942 Rating-3 DCDV, and Uptime Tier III compliance. It offers a dedicated 20MW capacity, advanced InfiniBand network with 3.2Tbps bandwidth, and a multi-tenant hyperscale storage platform, supporting robust AI Cloud services and GPU infrastructure.

During his speech at the ceremony, Mr. Lionel Yeo, CEO of Southeast Asia at ST Telemedia Global Data Centres, stated: “Over the next four years, investment in AI will significantly increase, with about 30% coming from the Asia-Pacific region. This area is becoming increasingly dynamic, making collaborations like today’s more meaningful. Congratulations to VNG GreenNode for successfully commercializing AI Cloud in just six months. I believe that together, we will contribute to positioning Asia at the forefront of the global technology wave in the coming years.”

GreenNode offers Bare Metal GPUs, an ML Platform, and priority access to NVIDIA AI Factory. They specialize in training advanced AI models, supporting startups, and provide a remote parameter management platform for efficient global operations.

Le Hong Minh founder and CEO of VNG stated “This milestone has yielded positive signals both in technological advancement and business performance, as the concept was swiftly implemented into reality in a short period. This is just the first step, and we are committed to long-term investment to become a leading provider of AI Cloud services in Southeast Asia.” 

“With thousands of powerful GPU chips from Nvidia and STT GDC’s international standard data centers, GreenNode aims to be a one-stop solution provider for global clients. “However, there are many things we need to do, including continued investment in R&D to be an AI Pioneer in the region”, stated by Mr. Nguyen Le Thanh, CEO of GreenNode & VNG Digital Business.

During the VNG 2024 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, CEO Le Hong Minh emphasized VNG’s strategic focus on AI, “Go Global,” and Platform initiatives, aiming to lead as a premier AI service provider in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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