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True Digital Group and Alibaba Cloud launch AI-Powered climate technology platform to drive sustainability in Thailand

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True Digital Group and Alibaba Cloud have joined forces to introduce an innovative Climate Technology Platform aimed at assisting Thai enterprises in addressing energy efficiency challenges and embracing sustainability initiatives.

This groundbreaking collaboration, unveiled on Monday, harnesses the power of Alibaba Cloud’s cutting-edge ‘Energy Expert’ solution, integrating analytics computing and AI technologies. The platform facilitates enterprises in scientifically calculating carbon emissions, measuring product carbon footprints, devising carbon neutrality strategies, and implementing energy-saving measures to foster sustainable development while simultaneously cutting costs.

By leveraging cloud infrastructure, IoT sensors, and an integrated data management platform, the Climate Technology Platform offers comprehensive insights into various energy sources. Paired with the Energy Expert tool, it enables businesses to establish a cloud-based automated energy management system, empowering real-time control of energy consumption and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints. Additionally, the platform utilizes AI algorithms to deliver predictive recommendations, enhancing operational efficiency.

Ekaraj Panjavinin, Chief Digital Officer at True Corp, emphasized that the initial focus of their climate technology pilot lies in energy management. This initiative aims to enhance businesses’ capabilities in managing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately contributing to environmental sustainability.

“True Digital as a core business driving digital services of True Corporation Plc., reinforces its ambition in Empowering Digital Equity, integrating digital services into consumer and business segments to bridge gaps, providing equal access to digital resources, ensuring technology is accessible, affordable, and beneficial in order to uplift quality of life, deliver sustainable business values and strengthen Thailand’s digital infrastructure. Currently, climate change problem has impacts on health and way of living of people around the world. True Digital has therefore developed the Climate Technology Platform, leveraging technologies to mitigate and adapt to climate change covering the removing of existing carbon from the atmosphere, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing resilience against the impacts of a changing climate. Our pilot climate technology is focused on Energy Management to elevate business organizations’ efficiency in energy consumption management and use of renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By collaborating with Alibaba Cloud, True Digital combines its expertise and capabilities in integrating technologies, using data from various sources, and creating innovative solutions for business organizations with Alibaba Cloud’s Energy Expert, a trustworthy and globally applied sustainability solution. This will completely increase businesses’ competency in energy consumption management and greenhouse gas emissions reduction with automated energy management systems that help enhance business workers’ efficiency in energy management planning. True Digital plans to expand the Climate Technology Platform, leveraging various technologies to mitigate and adapt climate change, such as green building technology and industrial process innovation, paving the way to Net Zero and create sustainable balance between business growth and environmental footprint.” stated Ekaraj.

The efficacy of the Climate Technology Platform has already been demonstrated through a pilot project undertaken by Bangkok Hospital since September 2023. 

Prasart Koosermmit, Facility Management Manager at Bangkok Hospital, attested to the platform’s success in optimizing indoor HVAC systems, resulting in a substantial monthly average reduction in energy consumption of up to 15% compared to the previous year. He said, “Leveraging True Digital Group’s expertise in digital solutions, IoT devices and infrastructure as well as climate technology platform to monitor and manage the hospital’s energy systems such as cooling systems and Energy Expert’s expertise in data analysis and predictive insights, the hospital has witnessed notable advances in energy efficiency and cost reduction. The platform has enabled us to optimize our energy consumption, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and setting a new benchmark for eco-friendly operations within the healthcare industry.”

True Digital Group envisions extending the Climate Technology Platform, offered through a platform-as-a-service model, to various industries such as retail, agriculture, and manufacturing. With the Thai government’s ambitious targets to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, True anticipates significant demand for the platform as organizations prioritize sustainability efforts and embrace eco-friendly practices.

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