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TECNO Mobile unveils Three Pioneering Technologies at its Annual Future Lens 2023 Event.

TECHNO leveraged its leadership in implementing smartphone imaging innovation at its Future Lens 2023 event, unveiling its three latest cutting-edge technologies in Shanghai.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

TECNO, a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, recently hosted its annual signature event Future Lens 2023. The event previewed and showcased TECHNO’s three latest new imaging technologies for the upcoming year: 1) A game-changing W-shaped Adjustable Physical Aperture; 2) an industry-first Liquid Telephoto Macro Lens; and 3) an AI-powered Universal Tone multi-skin tone imaging solution. The event’s lead officials from TECNO, Sony, and Amateur Photographer spotlighted the insights of the event with their panel discussion and keynote speeches, spreading the value of the event as a platform for the audience across the world of imaging.

TECHNO’s cutting-edge imaging technologies at annual Future Lens event, provides an exceptional platform for reflection on current and future industry trends. As a brand of cutting-edge mobile imaging, TECNO has created an efficient investment in smartphone camera innovation by covering the neglected pain points faced by consumers in emerging markets.

TECNO solves unique smartphone imaging problems with these three new technologies. TECNO’s use of bionic vision can optimize light and shadow, and using its technological innovation to present the fusion of multi-camera forms, and the beauty of mobile phone lenses delivers an inclusive multi-skin imaging technology that can lead the future revolution of smartphone imaging.

  1. W-shaped Adjustable Physical Aperture, Creates Harmony in Harsh Backlight. TECNO has developed a solution using bionic vision to tackle challenges caused by strong backlight for traditional smartphone cameras with fixed apertures. This technology enables users to no longer compromise or choose between detailed subjects and beautiful backgrounds, and allows them to manually adjust the camera’s aperture, especially managing light and eliminating harsh glare for a balanced shot. This unique innovation of TECHNO easily tackles challenging lighting conditions to ensure smartphones deliver astonishing images. 
  2. Industry-First Liquid Telephoto Macro Lens – Liquid lens technology benefits smartphone cameras used by the photographers with improved focus speed and agile zooming. TECNO’s new Liquid Telephoto Macro Lens is the first application of the technology in a smartphone periscope telephoto camera. The motor drive needs to be increased in a traditional periscope telephoto lens to achieve 5cm macro focusing. This means the overall length of the module is also increased, and a way more challenging to achieve a slim and lightweight design for the entire device. TECHNO’s Liquid Telephoto Macro Lens uses a different approach by utilizing voltage to adjust the lens curvature. This innovation allows TECNO’s smartphone camera compact form factor while dynamically adapting the lens curvature in real-time. At the end, the image is captured with the minute details with precision, with an integration of a large sensor.
  3. Advanced Universal Tone Technology to improve skin Tone Capture for Greater Inclusivity. TECHNO’s new tone technology pioneers inclusive imaging and has made huge investments in R&D to improve people’s imaging outcomes with the skin tones that are inaccurately reflected in existing smartphones. This innovation is the industry’s most advanced multi-skin tone imaging technology and is created using comprehensive skin tone spectral data and rigorous advanced research methods. The innovation is developed through scientific research and analysis in partnership with leading global universities. It utilizes unbiased data to produce vibrant, realistics portraits and videos.

These technologies are the combination of three AI-powered advanced computational engines into one unified innovation. Firstly, the Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine measures and adjusts skin tones using a skin color spectral matrix (based on skin color chromatic research) to make portraits more harmonious and realistic in nature. Secondly, the Local-Tuning Engine reconstructs mapping of the image tone by selecting the portrait in the environment. With the use of 3D-LUT algorithm, it enables a perfect human-environment interaction in photos customized per region or country. Finally, the AI-Powered Computational Portrait Engine based on TECNO’s localized aesthetic preferences and cultures makes more vibrant and personalized portraits. With these three engine’s framework, Universal Tone delivers beautiful outcomes with the images that accurately reflects the beauty of diversity, and creates realistic pictures for everyone. 

The event, TECNO Future Lens 2023, was a successful platform for providing insightful values for collaboration with third-party industry expertise, media interaction and more. With the enlightenment of the three cutting-edge new technologies, the expertise also took part in a captivating panel discussion and shared their valuable experience on the continuous evolution of mobile imaging.

Director of TECNO’s Image R&D Center, Mr. Xiaohan Huang addressing TECNO’s ongoing commitment to developing products that meet users’ needs, stated: “TECNO’s commitment to user-centric innovation lies at the heart of our technological endeavors. Through relentless dedication to independent research and development, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of imaging technology. Learning from industry leaders, we strive to revolutionize the consumer experience by delivering cutting-edge solutions. TECNO remains steadfast in its pursuit to enhance and redefine the way users engage with technology. The future holds exciting possibilities, and we are poised to continue our unwavering efforts in this journey.”

Director of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (Shanghai), Mr. Jun Zhang voiced on advancing image sensor technologies, and the value of collaboration with smartphone manufacturers. He stated:  “Our image sensors must be closely coordinated with the smartphone manufacturer to achieve the best results. Only through communication with the engineers at the handset manufacturers can Sony develop better image sensors. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to further cooperation with TECNO in the future and will work together to bring the joy of mobile imaging to more consumers around the world.”

Editor-in-Chief of Amateur Photographer, Mr. Nigel Atherton, explored the challenges faced by smartphone users when taking photos and highlighted TECNO’s latest innovations are bringing greater value to imaging with the increasing capabilities of smartphone camera technologies.

The TECNO Future Lens 2023 event highlighted the brand’s position at the vanguard of smartphone imaging innovation. TECNO has opened its doors to global users by spreading its access from the advanced hardware to innovative inclusive software developments. TECNO’s “Stop At Nothing” approach ensures that our present and future will continue breaking boundaries in imaging excellence with the pursuit of learning new methods. 

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