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Snowflake and Accenture Unite to Empower Women in Data

Snowflake and Accenture unite to empower women in data across Australia and New Zealand, building skills and connections for a data-driven future.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Snowflake, in collaboration with Accenture, has launched the Snowflake Women in Data initiative across Australia and New Zealand, aimed at empowering women to play a pivotal role in the data-driven future. This initiative brings together data professionals from various career stages, offering regular meetups and events open to both genders. The primary objectives include upskilling, networking, and knowledge sharing within an inspiring and educational atmosphere.

Local chapters have been established in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland, sponsoring events tailored specifically for women in data. These events prioritize three key areas: competence/skills, confidence/personal branding, and leadership development. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in the tech industry, Snowflake and Accenture are committed to addressing this disparity. Accenture’s research indicates a decline in the proportion of women in tech from 35% in 1984 to 32% today.

The Snowflake Women in Data initiative aims to connect, attract, and support women in the field, fostering a more diverse workforce prepared for the demands of the future. 

“Unlocking the full potential of the tech industry demands not just progress but a groundbreaking shift. Snowflake recognises that women in data need more than opportunities; they need a robust network and support system. Success hinges on collective commitment and a conscious effort to champion diversity. Snowflake’s partnership with Accenture signifies more than collaboration; it’s a commitment to crafting a future where every voice, especially from women in data, not only thrives but shapes the very essence of a data-driven world. Together with Accenture, we’re not just advocating for careers; we’re championing the role of women in fuelling innovation in our data-driven world,” said Snowflake director ANZ channel and alliances Cathy Conroy.

“We believe that the Snowflake Women in Data initiative is a tremendous opportunity for participants to enhance their skills, foster collaboration, and build valuable networks within the data industry. This initiative provides a platform for both seasoned professionals and aspiring data scientists to advance their careers. The overwhelming feedback from women in the industry reinforces the importance of initiatives like these, and we are thrilled to continue making a positive impact by launching the Snowflake Women in Data initiative this year,” said Accenture managing director, data, and artificial intelligence lead Dalibor Ivkovic.

“It is fantastic to have these events where I can collaborate and share ideas with other women in the data field. Plus seeing these friendly faces at other data events makes me excited to get more people involved so we can grow our voice in the future of data,” said nib Group data product manager Pip Sidaway.

“Last December’s Snowflake Women in Data event was a blast! It was fantastic to connect with fellow women in similar roles, sharing challenges and experiences. The speaker Erika Cramer’s energy as a speaker was infectious—I’m already hyped for the next one! Can’t wait to see where these events take us,” said MYOB senior business analyst Sally Wilson.

For those interested in attending the Snowflake Women in Data initiatives, please register – ANZWID@snowflake.com

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