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Saudi Arabia’s PIF and WTA sign multi-year partnership to elevate women’s tennis globally

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The Public Investment Fund (PIF) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) have announced a multi-year partnership aimed at accelerating the growth of the sport globally. This landmark agreement positions PIF as the first-ever naming partner of the WTA Rankings, marking a significant milestone in the sport’s history.

A Collaborative Vision for Growth

PIF and WTA share a common goal of enhancing women’s professional tennis and inspiring more women and girls to participate in the sport. This collaboration will see PIF working closely with the WTA to develop initiatives that support players at all levels, from grassroots to professional tiers. The PIF WTA Rankings will not only track players’ progress but also celebrate their unique and inspirational stories, bringing greater visibility to their journeys.

Inspiring the Next Generation

A crucial aspect of this partnership is its focus on youth. PIF is committed to working with the WTA to expand existing programs and create new opportunities for young tennis players. This initiative is set to provide a significant boost to the development of the next generation of tennis stars, ensuring that more young talent is nurtured and given the chance to shine on the global stage.

Expanding Global Influence

Earlier in February 2024, PIF had already made waves by partnering with the ATP, becoming the official naming partner of the PIF ATP Rankings. With the latest WTA partnership, PIF now holds a unique position as the only global partner across both major tennis tours. This expansive involvement includes partnerships with high-profile tournaments such as the WTA 1000 and ATP Masters 1000 events in Indian Wells, Miami, and Madrid, as well as the Beijing WTA 1000 and ATP 500 events.

Hosting the WTA Finals in Riyadh

Adding to the excitement, the partnership comes on the heels of the announcement that Riyadh will host the season-ending WTA Finals for the next three years starting in 2024. This prestigious event will feature the top eight singles players and doubles teams, further solidifying the region’s commitment to tennis.

Statements from Key Figures

Marina Storti, CEO of WTA Ventures, expressed her enthusiasm: “We are delighted to welcome PIF as a Global Partner of the WTA and our first-ever official naming partner of the WTA Rankings. Together, we look forward to sharing the journey of our talented players across the season, as we continue to grow the sport, creating more fans of tennis and inspiring more young people to take up the game.”

Mohamed AlSayyad, Head of Corporate Brand at PIF, highlighted the broader vision: “Through our partnership with WTA, PIF will continue to be a catalyst for the growth of women’s sport. We look forward to working with the WTA to increase participation and inspire the next generation of talent. Underpinned by PIF’s four strategic sponsorship pillars, this partnership aligns with our ambition to elevate the game and bring positive growth to the sport around the world.”

A Broader Impact

This collaboration aligns with PIF’s broader sponsorship strategy, which emphasizes inclusivity, sustainability, youth, and technology. By investing in initiatives and partnerships that drive positive change, PIF aims to transform sports on a global scale, benefiting players, fans, and stakeholders at all levels.

The new partnership between PIF and the WTA is set to usher in a new era for women’s tennis, offering unprecedented support and opportunities for players worldwide. As this historic agreement unfolds, it promises to leave a lasting impact on the sport, inspiring future generations and expanding the global reach of women’s tennis.

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