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Saudi Arabia to launch ‘Red Sea Fashion Week’ in May 2024

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Saudi Arabia is set to host the Red Sea Fashion Week in May 2024. An initiative by the Saudi Fashion Commission, the fashion week is set to take place between the 16th and 18th of May at the brand-new St. Regis Red Sea Resort in Saudi Arabia. 

The three-day event will have an opening ceremony on the first day, followed by runway shows and activations the next two days where luxury brands, ready-to-wear, resort wear, and jewellery will be featured. These are created by Saudi designers and other international fashion designers. The Red Sea Fashion Week will have its spotlight on the selected participants from season three of the Saudi 100 Brands program and will also host international brands.

Red Sea Fashion Week has been launched to align with the objectives of Vision 2030 to diversify the economy and turn it into a cultural hub. The Red Sea Fashion Week will be presenting Saudi Arabia in a different light of fashion and cultural exchange. This aims at making Saudi Arabia a hub for luxury fashion and cultural exchange.

Burak Cakmak, Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Fashion Commission, said: “With Red Sea Fashion Week, we set out to forge a distinctive and dynamic platform that not only highlights the vast creativity and skill within Saudi Arabia but also elevates our nation as a key player on the global fashion stage. This initiative is a vibrant testament to our dedication to cultivating local talent and integrating them into the international arena, resonating deeply with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals of enriching our cultural fabric and broadening our economic horizons.”

About Fashion Commission

Founded in 2020, the commission is said to lead the Kingdom’s fashion industry. The Commission supports growing fashion talents in the Kingdom in an attempt to diversify its economy and transform it into a cultural hub. Together with the Ministry of Culture, the commission is striving to preserve the culture as well as work on it to make the Kingdom unique. 

About St. Regis Red Sea Resort

Located on the coast of the Red Sea in Ummahat Island, the St. Regis Red Sea Resort is a pristine space, accessed only by chartered boats and planes. The resort is the flagbearer of the mantra ‘Preserve but Develop’, by being a brand with a visionary spirit, avant-garde style, and bespoke service with a progressive new benchmark for sustainable development. A luxury experience in itself, the resort is set in the background of crystal clear sea and white sand, giving it an ethereal look. 

The resort has 90 overwater and beachfront villas, an outdoor pool, a high-tech fitness center, a signature spa, a water sports center, and a kids club. Exceptional fine dining is served at three restaurants, each offering a unique culinary concept.

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