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Saudi Arabia Strives for Women’s Wellbeing and Empowerment Through Kayanee

Appointed to lead Kayanee is Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud

Women’s Tabloid News Desk
Women’s Tabloid News Desk

The Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) recently unveiled Kayanee, an ambitious lifestyle ecosystem initiative aimed at enhancing health, wellbeing and empowerment for women across Saudi Arabia. Appointed to lead Kayanee is Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, the high-profile Saudi Ambassador to the United States, reflecting the Kingdom’s strong commitment to advancing gender equality through impactful programs.

Aligned with Saudi Vision 2030 Goals

The launch of Kayanee represents a major milestone in Saudi Arabia’s progressive Vision 2030 plan, which outlines comprehensive economic and social reforms. Uplifting women and expanding their contributions feature prominently across Vision 2030 programs.

Specific goals include increasing women’s participation in the workforce from 22% to 30%, opening opportunities in suitable sectors, elevating women’s leadership roles, and boosting their overall economic impact. Kayanee’s suite of lifestyle services is strategically designed to support these objectives by fostering women’s wellbeing, skills development and leadership potential.

Why Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud?

The appointment of Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud as Chair of Kayanee’s Board sends a powerful signal about its focus on empowering women. The Princess has long been one of Saudi Arabia’s most influential advocates for expanding women’s rights and participation in society.

Educated both in Saudi Arabia and the United States, Princess Reema has a unique perspective bridging her deep understanding of the Kingdom’s cultural context with international experience studying abroad. In 2016, she broke barriers by becoming the first woman to lead a sports federation in Saudi Arabia when she was appointed head of mass participation for the General Sports Authority.

In 2019, Princess Reema was selected as Saudi Ambassador to the United States – the first woman to represent the Kingdom in such an important diplomatic role. She is widely respected as a reformer promoting gender equity and economic inclusion for Saudi women. Princess Reema’s proven track record and formidable leadership abilities will steer Kayanee firmly towards its women’s empowerment goals.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Services Model

Spanning fitness, sportswear, personal care, nutrition, medical services and health education, Kayanee offers a diverse suite of lifestyle programs and services thoughtfully designed to nurture a balanced, fulfilled life for Saudi women.

  • Fitness Pillar:

State-of-the-art female-only fitness centers and sporting facilities promote active lifestyles with specialized training, classes and expert consultation. The premium centers ensure women have access to first-class fitness resources.

  • Sportswear Pillar:

Development of high-performance athletic clothing tailored specifically for Saudi women’s cultural needs and preferences, enabling greater participation in sports and fitness pursuits.

  • Personal Care Pillar:

Salons and spas delivering dedicated pampering services for women including beauty treatments, massages and relaxation offerings in a private female-only environment.

  • Nutrition Pillar:

Nutritional programs and counseling to cultivate healthy diets and eating habits in women through guidance on meal planning, weight management, disease prevention and related education.

  • Medical Services Pillar:

Healthcare clinics and specialists addressing women’s unique health needs across life stages, removing barriers to access. Covers general well-woman care along with targeted services.

  • Health Education Pillar:

Resources to boost women’s health awareness and knowledge around wellness, prevention and management of conditions. Tools to enable informed medical decisions.

This diversity of lifestyle offerings consolidated under Kayanee provides Saudi women with a supportive ecosystem where they can conveniently access specialized services for their needs. Instead of disjointed propositions, Kayanee delivers holistic and integrated wellbeing support.

Far-Reaching Community Goals

Kayanee aims to reach over 1 million women across Saudi Arabia with its empowerment-focused services. Achieving such ambitious scale could drive profound community impacts including: 

  • Surging female participation in sports/fitness, lowering obesity, diabetes, heart disease rates
  • Making healthcare more accessible for women, closing cultural and logistical gaps
  • Significantly raising health literacy and preventive care among Saudi women
  • Creating rewarding fitness and wellness job opportunities for women
  • Helping women look and feel their best to succeed in work, family, society
  • Fostering community bonds as women come together through programs
  • Setting an example of women leading/excelling in wellness professions
  • Inspiring more women to enter health, wellbeing and medical fields

With such expansive community-centered goals, Kayanee has enormous potential to uplift women’s quality of life and catalyze positive systemic change. Thriving participation across its lifestyle ecosystem could drive better education, employment and leadership opportunities for Saudi women.

Princess Reema: Committed to Progress for Saudi Women

With Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud helming leadership and strategy, Kayanee has the guidance of one of Saudi Arabia’s foremost female reformist voices. Her Highness brings invaluable perspective as a pioneer for women’s advancement and a proven changemaker.

The Princess’ appointment underscores how Kayanee fits into the larger national transformation agenda to create a more equitable society. While pushing lifestyle improvements through its programs, Kayanee also crucially promotes capable female leadership and economic inclusion. Princess Reema’s stature and reformist track record will steer Kayanee to deliver both individual and institutional changes for Saudi women.

Kayanee represents a major initiative in Saudi Arabia’s journey towards gender parity and women’s empowerment. Under Princess Reema’s direction, Kayanee stands well-positioned to drive ongoing progress by uplifting women’s wellbeing, expanding opportunities and inspiring them to lead in wellness fields. With Vision 2030 as its lodestar, Kayanee reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to cultivating a future where women can thrive and reach their full potential.

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