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Revolutionizing Women’s Gynecological Health: The Aspira Women’s Health Story

Aspira Women's Health is dedicated to revolutionizing women's gynecological health through innovative diagnostic solutions and compassionate care.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Aspira Women’s Health is dedicated to revolutionizing women’s gynecological health by discovering, developing, and utilizing novel diagnostic and bio-analytical solutions. With a commitment to addressing women’s health issues across all ethnicities, stages, and ages, Aspira employs a data-driven approach to empower both women and healthcare providers.

The company’s focus lies in early detection and risk assessment of ovarian cancer, a disease affecting close to 20,000 women annually. By leveraging decades of experience in ovarian cancer risk assessment, Aspira has developed a cutting-edge portfolio of pelvic mass products aimed at transforming gynecological healthcare for women worldwide.

Nicole Sandford, CEO, President, and Director of Aspira Women’s Health, and her leadership team drive the company’s vision with diligence and innovation.


  1. OvaSuite: Addressing the diagnostic challenges posed by adnexal masses, OvaSuite offers healthcare providers a comprehensive set of blood tests. These tests, combined with clinical expertise, ultrasound imaging, and patient history, enable confident medical management planning and timely specialist referrals.
  2. OvaWatch: A non-invasive test designed to assess the risk of ovarian cancer in women with indeterminate or benign adnexal masses. OvaWatch boasts superior negative predictive value, empowering physicians to choose the most appropriate clinical management path for their patients.
  3. Ova1Plus: As part of the OvaSuite portfolio, Ova1Plus combines two FDA-cleared tests. It is tailored for women with pelvic masses who are scheduled for surgery, providing valuable insights to guide treatment decisions.

Aspira Women’s Health operates on core values, including diligence, caring, proactiveness, disruption, and inspiration. These values drive their mission, emphasizing integrity, kindness, innovation, and community well-being. They collaborate with patient advocacy organizations to raise awareness of ovarian cancer detection like – World Ovarian Cancer Coalition, American Cancer Society, Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation & Bright Pink.

Through its innovative solutions, passionate leadership, and commitment to advocacy, Aspira Women’s Health is at the forefront of transforming women’s gynecological healthcare, offering hope and empowerment to women everywhere.

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