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Petition for Nike to sell England goalkeeper Mary Earps shirt nears 35000 signatures

Mary Earps has been a key player for the Lionesses at the World Cup.

Women’s Tabloid Sports Desk
Women’s Tabloid Sports Desk

The petition to make England goalkeeper Mary Earps’ kit available for public purchase during the Women’s World Cup has gained significant support, with almost 35,000 signatures. While England’s home and away replica kits are available for fans, the goalkeeper jerseys have not been offered for sale by Nike, the team’s kit supplier.

Mary Earps has established herself as a prominent figure in world football, contributing to England’s success, including their victory in the Euros last summer, and being recognized as FIFA’s Best Women’s Goalkeeper for 2022. Her outstanding performances have been crucial to England’s advancement to the quarter-finals of the ongoing Women’s World Cup, where she has made numerous important saves.

The petition was initiated by 16-year-old Emmy Somauroo from Northamptonshire on July 21, urging Nike to reconsider their decision. The petition’s success in gathering more than 35,000 signatures highlights the strong support for making Mary Earps’ goalkeeper kit available for purchase, especially considering her remarkable achievements and skills.

“We need to show togetherness and support Mary and ask Nike to rethink their decision,” the petition reads. “Let’s make them see just how important our female goalkeepers are. How respected they are and how many young girls aspire to join them in the future.

“Any type of exclusion is unacceptable in this day and age and we need to show we will not stand for it. Mary and all female goalkeepers, we love and respect you. You are inspirational and we are behind you.”

Mary Earps became aware of the situation when England captain Millie Bright expressed her desire to buy Earps’ kit for her niece, only to discover that it was not available for purchase. This underscores the demand and desire among fans to support and celebrate their favorite players by wearing their jerseys.

The champion goalkeeper said: “I can’t really sugar-coat this in any way, so I am not going to try. It is hugely disappointing and very hurtful.”

“My shirt on the Manchester United website was sold out last season. It was the third-best-selling shirt, so who says it is not selling?”

“It is the young kids I am most concerned about. They are going to say, ‘Mum, Dad, can I have a Mary Earps shirt?’ and they say, ‘I can’t, but I can get you an Alessia Russo 23 or a Rachel Daly 9.’

As the petition gains momentum and garners attention, there is a possibility that Nike could reevaluate their stance and decide to release Mary Earps’ goalkeeper jerseys for public sale.

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