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Oyo launches debut luxury hotel in Dubai, targets expansion in premium property portfolio

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Oyo, the prominent travel tech platform, has marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its premier luxury offering in Dubai, the Palette Royal Reflections Hotel and Spa. This move underscores Oyo’s strategic expansion into the high-end hospitality segment as it prepares for its upcoming IPO.

Anticipating a substantial rise in Indian tourism, particularly following Dubai’s recent relaxation of visa regulations earlier this year, Oyo projects a noteworthy increase in visitors from India by 2024. “Oyo is expecting more than 1 lakh Indian tourists to visit Dubai this year,” the company stated. Known for its allure among Indian travelers for luxury shopping, architectural marvels, and vibrant cultural experiences, Dubai remains a top destination.

The launch of Palette Royal Reflections Hotel and Spa aligns with Oyo’s global strategy to bolster its portfolio of premium properties, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing the hospitality landscape across regions, including the Middle East. Currently, Oyo boasts over 700 properties in the UAE, with Dubai alone hosting more than 200 of these.

Dubai, renowned as a favored destination for travelers worldwide, particularly from India, registered 11.9 million Indian visitors in 2023, cementing India’s position as the largest contributor to Dubai’s tourism industry. Nitin Gupta, Business Head of Oyo Middle East, highlighted the growing demand for luxury accommodations among Indian tourists in the region. “We have been seeing a surge in the number of Indian tourists asking for luxury accommodation in the region,” Gupta remarked, underscoring Oyo’s commitment to catering to this demand through its latest initiative.

With these developments, Oyo not only anticipates an influx of Indian tourists but also aims to elevate the standard of hospitality offerings in Dubai, enhancing the overall travel experience for global visitors. As Dubai prepares to welcome record numbers of Indian tourists in the coming years, Oyo’s expansion into luxury hospitality marks a pivotal step towards enriching the city’s diverse tourism landscape.

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