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Ooredoo Kuwait sponsors Alnowair’s Young Women Leadership workshop

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Committed to championing youth and women empowerment through impactful initiatives as part of its corporate citizenship efforts, telecommunications leader, Ooredoo Kuwait has proudly supported the Young Women Leadership Initiative, organized by Alnowair, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering positive behavioral change in Kuwaiti society.

As part of that support, Ooredoo Kuwait sponsored the final workshop of the Young Women Leadership Initiative for AUK female students. Hosted at the American University of Kuwait for young Kuwaiti women, Alnowair’s intensive capacity-building workshop ran for nine days,  with a series of daily training sessions that employed drama techniques and concluded with an interactive, purposeful play on day 10.

During the grand ceremony, which was held at AUK’s theatre to honor all initiative’s participants with certificates of appreciation, Alnowair also honored Ooredoo Kuwait, in recognition of its social contribution to this initiative and role in realizing its objectives, mutually shared between the two organizations.

In line with Ooredoo’s principles of fostering innovation and adopting a creative mindset, Alnowair’s approach utilizes the transformative power of applied theatre to foster personal and leadership skill development amongst young women in Kuwait. Participants embarked on a transformative journey by attending the workshop sponsored by Ooredoo, under the guidance of experienced mentors and facilitators.

The workshop addressed key social issues that Kuwaiti women still face and provided them with the tools and support needed to develop their personal and leadership skills which helped participants overcome these barriers.

By sponsoring the workshop, Ooredoo Kuwait reaffirms its commitment to fostering gender equality, empowering youth, and promoting social inclusion. Ooredoo fully recognizes the transformative impact of initiatives, such as Alnowair’s Young Women Leadership Initiative, on the lives of young women and the broader community.

The workshop activities were carefully structured to provide a holistic approach to skill enhancement, addressing various aspects of personal growth and leadership qualities. From communication and self-expression to problem-solving, decision-making, and resilience, every session in the workshop was tailored to empower participants with practical tools and insights essential for navigating the complexities of today’s world.

Investing in capacity-building workshops highlights Ooredoo’s ongoing contribution to creating a more diverse and inclusive society. The company strives to help cultivate a generation of confident and capable future leaders who can drive positive change in their communities.

Ooredoo Kuwait continues to support initiatives that inspire growth among Kuwaiti youth. By leveraging unconventional teaching methods that engage the mind, heart, and body, Ooredoo ventured into sponsoring Alnowair’s capacity-building workshop to empower young women to overcome barriers, challenge stereotypes, and embrace their full potential.

In his statement, Director Marketing Communication and Social Media at Ooredoo Kuwait, Naser Al Abdullah, said: “Ooredoo Kuwait is proud to support Alnowair’s Young Women Leadership Initiative, by sponsoring the capacity-building workshop.”.

“We are glad to have had the opportunity to be part of this inspiring workshop. We strive through initiatives like these to contribute to the future development of youth and women, aspiring to become leaders in Kuwait,” added Al-Abdullah.

Concluding his remarks, Al-Abdullah reiterated Ooredoo’s unwavering commitment to providing equal opportunities for all members of society to fulfil their potential and make meaningful contributions to the nation’s progress.”

Expressing appreciation for Ooredoo Kuwait’s contributive role in the initiative, Founder and Chairwoman, of Alnowair, Sheikha Intisar AlSabah, reiterated: “We began our first steps in Alnowair with a main goal of spreading positivity in Kuwait among all members of society. Achieving so much progress, with tangible results, we decided to build upon that success and come up with an innovative Initiative that aims to empower young Kuwaiti female leaders.”

Elaborating further, Sheikha Intisar indicated that “This is our first year of Alnowair’s Young Women Leadership Initiative during which we have conducted 4 workshops for total of 56 students from 4 different educational institutions in Kuwait, focusing on purposeful theatre self-expressive techniques, as an approach to building and improving female leadership skills”. Adding to her statement, she also expressed her delight witnessing during her daily visits the positive impact of Alnowair’s Initiative on enhancing the abilities of these female participants’ , and the significant growth they’ve achieved.

Committed to upholding its future sustainability promise, and fully realizing its corporate social responsibility agenda, Ooredoo Kuwait remains steadfast in driving positive change within the community, actively taking a leading role in empowering its next generation of young female leaders through innovative and impactful collaborations.

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