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Napier University and Women’s Enterprise Scotland Launch Innovative SDG5 Living Lab

A collaborative initiative for women's empowerment launches, reversing declining representation through specialized training and research-backed support for entrepreneurial success

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Napier University and Women’s Enterprise Scotland have announced a new collaboration called the SDG5 Living Lab. This initiative, set to commence later this month, is aimed at providing comprehensive support to women in business through “training, resources, and networking.” It’s a joint effort to empower women entrepreneurs and those seeking career advancements.

Despite women-led businesses contributing £8.8 billion annually to Scotland’s economy, their representation has decreased from 20.6% in 2017 to 14% in 2019. The SDG5 Living Lab seeks to address this decline by providing specialized training in “business creation and leadership.” Delivered through ENU’s Bright Red Triangle enterprise hub, these courses aim to improve participants’ skills and cultivate an environment of innovation within the female business community.

Lynne Cadenhead, entrepreneur in residence and WES Chair, expressed her excitement about this collaboration by stating – “As an Edinburgh Napier graduate, and now a Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence, I’m thrilled to bridge academia and industry, fostering a culture of innovation that empowers women in business.

“The power of education and entrepreneurship will be pivotal in reshaping the narrative for gender equality.

“The SDG5 Living Lab embodies our commitment to driving tangible change for women, by combining research and innovation.

“The training delivered by Women’s Enterprise Scotland is informed by over a decade of research, which means that recipients benefit from world class expertise in the field of women’s entrepreneurship.”

Nick Fannin, head of enterprise at Bright Red Triangle, ENU’s enterprise hub, added: “The establishment of the SDG5 Living Lab marks a significant milestone in our commitment to gender equality and societal impact.

“This collaboration allows us to harness the collective expertise of Edinburgh Napier University and Women’s Enterprise Scotland to drive meaningful change.

“Our vision is to cultivate an environment conducive to entrepreneurial success among women, nurturing the next generation of women leaders and innovators.”

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