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Nana Esi Idun-Arkhurst reaffirms Fidelity Bank’s support for women entrepreneurs

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

In a dynamic session hosted by the Business and Financial Times, Fidelity Bank, Ghana’s leading privately-owned bank, reiterated its commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs, underscoring the bank’s pivotal role in nurturing business growth.

At the Women in Business Dialogue Series held at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra, Nana Esi Idun-Arkhurst, Divisional Director of Retail & Business Banking at Fidelity Bank, delivered impactful insights into fostering investor-ready businesses. With a focus on offering essential resources and support, Fidelity Bank aims to ensure the success of women-owned enterprises in Ghana.

Under the theme “Investing in Women-Owned Businesses for Ghana’s Transformation Agenda: A Call for Action,” the event, proudly sponsored by Fidelity Bank, provided a platform for influential leaders like Ms. Idun-Arkhurst to share strategic insights for advancing gender equality and empowering women entrepreneurs.

During her engaging panel discussion, Ms. Idun-Arkhurst emphasized the significance of women-owned businesses being investor-ready and credit-worthy. She stressed the importance of cultivating disciplined financial practices from the outset, emphasizing that strong financial foundations build trust and credibility with potential investors or financial institutions.

“Immediate documentation of business activities is crucial to establish credibility and trust with stakeholders,” she recommended. “Whether seeking credit, equity, or grants, investors want to see tangible evidence of the business’s prospects and financial viability.”

Furthermore, Ms. Idun-Arkhurst encouraged women entrepreneurs to prioritize building a robust market presence and product quality. She highlighted the importance of understanding market dynamics and meeting international standards, essential for successful export-oriented businesses.

Reiterating Fidelity Bank’s commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs, Ms. Idun-Arkhurst encouraged them to leverage available resources and capacity-building programs offered by the bank. She emphasized initiatives such as the Fidelity Young Entrepreneurs Fund, which provides loans at concessionary interest rates, technical assistance, and capacity building specifically tailored for women and youth-led businesses.

Additionally, Ms. Idun-Arkhurst spotlighted Fidelity Bank’s bridge-in-agriculture program with the MasterCard Foundation, aimed at empowering women and youth in the agricultural sector, a critical driver of Ghana’s economy.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Idun-Arkhurst emphasized the importance of embracing technology and digital marketing tools in today’s business landscape, declaring, “This is our time as women entrepreneurs,” she asserted. “The business landscape has evolved. Embrace technology, leverage available resources, and confidently take advantage of the vast opportunities that exist. Fidelity Bank stands beside you, offering the resources and support you need to succeed in the ever-evolving business world,” she said.

Fidelity Bank’s active participation in the Women in Business Dialogue Series reflects its ongoing commitment to fostering inclusivity and driving economic transformation in Ghana by empowering women entrepreneurs.

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