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Kelsey Lewis to be AdvicePay’s new president

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

AdvicePay promotes its Head of Customer Success, Kelsey Lewis as its new president. The co-founder, Alan Moore will retain his position as the CEO of this 30-employee company which now serves 23 enterprise-size clients, including Cetera Financial Group, Cambridge Investment Research, and Kestra Financial, among others. The company is yet to announce its new Head of Customer Success and is said to start the hiring process soon. 

Lewis said her experience handling customer concerns and “genuinely having a passion for helping people succeed” would inform her new role as president. “It is a nice confluence of my skills and experience,” she said. “I will keep our customers and teammates at the heart and center of everything we do.”

Moore co-founded this company with Michael Kitces in the year 2016 as a tool for handling billing for advisor members of XY Planning Network, levying monthly retainer fees. From there an enterprise version of the service has expanded to larger clients and has been integrated with Envestnet and MoneyGuide.

In April 2021 AdvicePay rolled out a new feature called Deliverables to help enterprises systematically track, report, and manage the financial planning documentation produced by their advisors. Later that year, the startup rolled out yet another feature called Engagements which was designed to make it easier to standardize custom workflows at enterprises, as they track deliverables and offer support for advisors who have fee-for-service offerings, such as financial planning.

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