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Innovation Unleashed: The Janice Lee Era at Viu

by Krishnendu P
by Krishnendu P

In the fast-paced internet society of today, to make a streaming platform a success is a humongous task. Viu CEO Janice Lee has achieved this feat. Viu is an OTT video service that has redefined the streaming landscape with its diverse content and progressive strategies. Viu streaming platform is strongly backed by Hong Kong Telecoms giant PCCW. 

Charting her path to success

Janice Lee started Viu streaming services in 2016, after serving as the Managing Director of the PCCW Media Group since 2010. Before this role, Lee was the Executive Vice President of TV and New Media from 2006. She joined the company in 2003. In addition to this, Lee is also responsible for ViuTV, a Hong Kong free-to-air broadcaster, and subscription broadcaster Now TV.

Embracing diversity and global appeal

Available in almost 16 markets in Southeast Asia, Viu focuses on Korean dramas, as well as Chinese-language content from its Hong Kong broadcasting operation and its partnerships with mainland Chinese production companies. Viu offers both free versions with ads or paid subscription packages. 

It is in 2021 that Viu saw a whooping growth in its subscribers. Viu clocked 37 percent subscribers which comes up to nearly 50 million, with revenues up 47 percent.

Here are some points to take away from Janice Lee for running a successful business:

  • Janice Lee makes sure Viu grows with foresight, ambitious goals and inspiring innovation
  • Lee prioritizes understanding user needs and tailoring Viu’s offerings to diverse audiences
  • Lee fosters an inclusive culture that believes in adding value with diverse perspectives and backgrounds within Viu
  • Lee encourages experimentation and champions emerging technologies to stay a step ahead always
  • Lee expands Viu’s reach beyond borders, tapping into diverse markets worldwide
  • Premium content and seamless experiences are what Lee ensures for Viu’s users

Janice Lee is a trailblazer in the ever-changing world of digital entertainment. Under her leadership, Viu has skyrocketed to success. Lee’s vision, dedication to inclusivity, and constant striving for excellence have transformed the streaming game. Her impact is undeniable, and as Viu keeps pushing boundaries, Lee’s legacy as a pioneering CEO will continue to influence and shape the entertainment industry for years to come.

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