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Infosys signs deal with Denmark based STARK group for its digital transformation

Infosys is set to adopt an "AI-first" strategy, harnessing the capabilities of Infosys Topaz, to enhance STARK Group's operational efficiency and service quality through AI-driven solutions

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

Infosys, a major player in the IT sector, has entered into a significant multi-year partnership with STARK Group, the largest retailer and distributor of building materials in Europe. The collaboration aims to drive STARK Group’s digital transformation journey through the utilization of Infosys’ artificial intelligence (AI) solution, Topaz.

Although the financial terms of this partnership have not been disclosed, the key focus will be on establishing a cutting-edge data center in Denmark. This data center will serve as the cornerstone for driving technological innovations and delivering seamless services to STARK Group’s offices across Europe.

Pernille Geneser, Group Chief Information Officer, STARK Group said “We at STARK Group are excited to announce our collaboration with Infosys as we embark on a transformation journey to deliver state-of-the-art and future-fit IT services to our colleagues in the Nordics, Austria, Germany, and the UK. With Infosys’ expertise, we look forward to enhancing the quality of our offerings and kickstarting many new innovations.”

Infosys plans to adopt an “AI-first” strategy, leveraging the capabilities of Topaz to enhance operational efficiencies and service quality for STARK Group. The primary objectives include improving cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency, as well as enabling expansion into various geographical regions.

This collaboration follows Infosys’ recent announcement of a $454 million strategic partnership with Danske Bank, solidifying its localization strategy in the Nordics. Furthermore, Infosys had previously made strategic acquisitions in the Nordic region, including BASE Life Science in Denmark and Fluido in Finland. The alliance with STARK Group further reinforces Infosys’ growing presence in the Nordics region.

Karmesh Vaswani, global head of Retail, Consumer Goods & Logistics, Infosys said,”Leveraging our cutting-edge technologies, including Infosys Topaz and our cloud-enabled platform LEAP, we are confident that this collaboration will bring unparalleled value and innovation to STARK Group. This collaboration further strengthens Infosys’ prominence in the Nordics region.”

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