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Hepmil Thailand Appoints Thisirak Pitayagulsarn as General Manager

With a seasoned leader guiding the way, Hepmil Thailand aims to leverage expertise for innovative campaigns and strategic market expansion.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Hepmil Thailand marks a significant milestone with the appointment of Ms. Thisirak Pitayagulsarn as its new General Manager, solidifying its commitment to Thailand’s digital marketing landscape.

Thisirak also Known as Jaa, brings nearly two decades of experience in digital marketing and social commerce to the table, positioning Hepmil to excel in the Creator & Social Commerce industry.

Thailand’s creator economy and social commerce sector have experienced remarkable growth, fueled by a dynamic digital landscape and a tech-savvy population and in this thriving environment, Hepmil recognizes the potential for collaboration between brands and local creators, leveraging social media and e-commerce integration to engage consumers effectively.

Recognizing the evolving trends, Thisirak underscores Hepmil’s entry into Thailand’s market. “Traditional media falls short of meeting all the needs of today’s consumers. Hepmil Thailand is set to partake in the rising trends of Shoppertainment and play a pivotal role in building the next generation of Creators in Thailand in the coming years,” she stated.

Amidst the exploration of interactive content by brands and creators, Hepmil plans to leverage its expertise to create engaging campaigns tailored to the Thai audience.

The appointment of Thisirak follows a successful year of pilot programs, affirming Thailand’s potential as a key market in social media advertising. 

“After testing the market in 2023 and launching some test campaigns, we had a fantastic experience working with both Thai Creators and Clients as well as global leading brands which included L’Oreal, Nestle, Lay’s, Unilever, Prime Video, Lotus’s, and other FMCG & retail brands. The move helps us gain a much better understanding of the market’s cultural nuances. This gave us the confidence to invest in a strong local team in 2024 and officially launch operations from Bangkok,” Mr. Karl Mak, Co-Founder and CEO of HEPMIL Media Group stated.

As Hepmil Thailand celebrates its first year of operation, the company aims to establish itself as a regional creator agency, fostering long-term relationships with top creators and brands. Through the HEPMIL Creators’ Network, Hepmil connects brands with over 1,000 creators in Southeast Asia, offering innovative solutions to reach a younger audience.

In its mission to empower the next generation of creators, Hepmil is committed to strategic actions in 2024, including participation in the growing Shoppertainment market, expanding Thai creator pools, and empowering its creator community through education and support programs.

“With our local and regional exceptional leadership, creativity, and true understanding of our company’s value, people, and the creators’ industry, we aim to play a vital role in building the next generation of Creators in Thailand,” concluded Thisirak.

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