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HDFC to empower women with market-driven nursing skills by 2025

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On the commemoration of World Nurse’s Day, HDFC Bank Parivarthan is all set to empower nurses with market-driven skills by the year 2025.  This is a significant CSR stride from HDFC Bank’s side towards empowering women and addressing the healthcare sector’s acute skill shortage.

Under this scheme, Nursing Kaushal Colleges in Jharkhand has already supported over 1500 women from marginalized communities. This ambitious training drive is estimated to train 10,000 women in nursing by 2025.

“HDFC Bank Parivartan’s vision is to drive sustainable progress in society. We see quite often that lack of access to good quality vocational training leads to a situation where youth from marginalized communities are pushed to take up informal and unskilled jobs, which severely affects their earning potential”, said Nusrat Pathan, Head of CSR, HDFC Bank.

This training program has been a great success. The success is evident in the high pass rates of its students. With a remarkable 99.9% of participants excelling in their state exams, and 94% securing immediate employment offers.

Nusrat Pathan also said, “By imparting education and skills training to these aspiring young women, we are proud partners in their journey to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty. Through vocational degrees and placement programs, we are addressing the critical need for skilled nursing professionals in Jharkhand, nurturing a generation of change-makers.”

T Kalyan Chakravarthy, Executive Director of PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation said, “We have students like Alma Xalxo, who came from economically deprived backgrounds. Her family’s annual income was just Rs.36000. To make ends meet, the family depended on livestock and farming, supporting nine members. After completing our training program, she secured a job at Apollo Homecare with an annual income of Rs. 1,88,724- more than four times increase in her family’s income. This showcases the transformative impact of our Nursing Kaushal College program.” 

HDFC Bank Parivartan’s expanding vocational training program is equipping 10,000 women with nursing skills by 2025. This initiative addresses a critical gap in India’s healthcare sector while also serving as a model for how targeted training can drive social and economic change.

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